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Use HER Body Odor To Spike YOUR Wood

I was sitting in a chair Getting some acupuncture done when the very attractive female…. Who was sticking me…. Lifted up her arm and gave me a good whiff… Of some fairly potent underarm odor. Which I found extremely pleasant in an odd sort of way 🙂 Now… I already know that the fewer genes you share in common… […]

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Sperm Count, Soy and Fertility Problems

So here’s what you rarely hear about soy and low sperm count: there are few silver bullets in the world of fertility and men’s health, and more importantly… No matter what some snake-oil sales types might suggest, the viability of your balls is a complex matter that takes diet, activity, psychology, sociology, relationships, environment and […]

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Low Testosterone and Belly Fat

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about ways to perform better when you’re having sex. Today I want to talk about something that impacts your chances of having sex: low testosterone and belly fat. That whole “Dad Body” craze aside, women prefer a flat belly. It shows you take care of […]

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Smoking and Small Testicles

The truth about smoking and small testicles will shock most men. In the article below you’ll discover how tobacco is related to both low testosterone and embarrassing testicular shrinkage. You already know smoking is terrible for you. It makes you smell bad, screws up your mouth, lips and throat, wrecks your cardiovascular health, and can […]

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Testicular Shrinkage & Testosterone Therapy

Does testosterone therapy really result in testicular shrinking? And can a man really reverse the harmful effects of TRT and increase the size of his testicles? Well, first of all, testosterone therapy for men is intended to be a low-impact solution for various symptoms of low testosterone, including mood swings, lower energy leves and reduced […]

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Vitamin D And Testicles For Testosterone

vitamin D testicles testosterone

What do vitamin D and testicles have in common? Though your penis gets the lion’s share of attention, your testicles are the support personnel that makes its performance possible. What goes on in them is not only more complex than the simple, mechanical processes in your penis, it’s a lot more important to your sexual […]

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