Large Testicles

large testiclesLarge testicles operate just like a factory….

But this particular factory doesn’t build electronics, automobiles or airplanes… It builds masculinity.

And when your operation is working at full capacity you’re going to get all the masculinity you need. Because a large set of testicles will do two important things that guarantee this will happen….

1: They create sexual potency in a man.

2: They build this potency by producing an abundance of steroid hormones.

So a man with large testicles is going to have higher levels of these sex hormones than a man with smaller testicles. Thus, the increased masculinity we just talked about.

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If you still need more convincing, read on…

Primates studies have demonstrated that alpha males produce more testosterone than clan members of lower status.

They also breed more often, father more children and win more battles in life. And this cycle of dominance, sexual re-productivity and hormone production is all fueled by your testicles

Because your gonads create the steroid hormones, the sperm and the attitude an alpha male needs to rise to the top. I wrote about this subject in my e-course but it deserves mentioning here again…

The mating season of antelope, deer and moose is referred to as the rut. And while this mating season is going on the males fight each other for access to the fertile females. And the winner of these battles has exclusive breeding rights with his harem as long as he continues to fight off other males.

And an interesting thing happens during this sexual competition.

Testosterone levels more than double in the male population of the herd. And as a result, testicle circumference and weight both increase dramatically, because anything else is impossible with a testosterone spike of this magnitude.

And since the bulls are going to constantly have sex on the mind, their testicles also drastically increase semen production. And it’s this male on male competition, combined with the pursuit female sexual engagement that fires this system up.

This is the way things were designed to work in humans as well, but our system is broken. Because in modern men, testosterone and testicle size decrease as we approach what should be our sexual peak.

Think about it…

If you’ve ever watched a documentary on any of the great apes, you already know that the alpha male is often refered to as the silver back. And these alphas have their sliver colored hair because they’ve reached an advanced age. But even so, their testicles are still producing sex hormones at very high rate.

But modern humans rarely peak at this time…

We reach our maximum sexual potential just after puberty, between 16 and 18 years of age. Then the inevitable decline begins. It extremely rare when I come across a man who doesn’t fit this profile. And if you’re not a kid anymore, this probably includes you.

A study done by the Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health demonstrated this. They took 66 men and monitored their testosterone levels over a 13 year period. The scientists reported that T levels decreased in these men by 41 percent during the study period. And a large percentage of these men were only in their early 40’s when the study began.

But this isn’t just a middle aged problem, as another paper demonstrates…

It’s titled – High frequency of sub-optimal semen quality in an unselected population of young men.

Scientists in this study took blood samples from 891 young men, then measured their sex hormones. They found that 43 percent of these males had sperm counts below normal. And sperm concentrations were the lowest in men who had the smallest testicles.

Like I said, our masculinity system is broken.

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