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I Want Bigger Testicles – How Can I Increase My Package Size?

From the mailbag…

Hi Mark,

I want bigger testicles but I don’t have enough motivation.

Can you tell me the fastest and easiest way to get them; something that doesn’t take a lot of work or time?

Is there a medication I can take or some other therapy?



Hello M,

We’re going to take the word testicles and replace it with masculinity because these two words are interchangeable.

I say this because your testis create your masculinity, or lack thereof, on a day by day basis.

So if you’re walking the streets with that classic V shaped look, that all women are subconsciously attracted to, you can thank your testicles for that piece of masculinity.

If you have high levels of success in attracting and breeding with these women; you can thank your testicles for this masculinity too.

And if you’re extremely motivated to achieve, create and build things that make your life better here on earth; you can thank them one more time.

 Bigger Testicles – How Bad Do You Want Them?


If you’re walking the streets with that classic pear shaped look that women find so repulsive.

Or spending your nights in bed alone; and not achieving anything of significance in your life…

Your undersized testicles are to blame for this LACK of masculinity.

And the first thing that comes to my mind when reading the question you wrote to me – is the word LACK.

Because I know for a fact that your small testicles are under-producing steroid hormones; because a low hormone man always looks for the easy way out.

“Give me a pill or an injection doc, because I don’t have the motivation to take care of my body myself, so I’d like you to try to get it done with your chemicals.”

You’re not quite at this point yet, but I can tell by your attitude that this isn’t too far down the road for you….

Because you have small testicles now, but later you’ll be dealing with other things like heart disease, diabetes or erectile dysfunction.

And if you walk into your doctors office looking for the easy way out of these things, he’ll gladly send you packing with a fist full prescriptions.

Because that’s what doctors love to do.

But these things won’t fix you because you’ll still be a sick man underneath it all; you’ll just be relying on the drugs to knock out the symptoms.

And remember…

Every drug known to man comes along with negative side effects.  And the more drugs you take, the more side effects you’re going to get.

Of course, the methods outlined in my testicle enlargement plan come along with side effects as well; but they’re of the good variety.

So they deliver things like…

That classic V shape, hormone production, motivation, big testicles and the confidence and success with women that all masculine men have.

So here’s the question you need to ask yourself M…

When you said, I want bigger testicles, did you really mean it?

Because if you did, there’s only one way to do it right. 

And this way has nothing to do with waiting rooms, lab coats or amber colored bottles….

It’s all about this.  (no charge)

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