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Use HER Body Odor To Spike YOUR Wood

I was sitting in a chair…

Getting some acupuncture done, when the very attractive female who was sticking me lifted up her arm and gave me a good whiff of some fairly potent underarm odor.

Which I found extremely pleasant in an odd sort of way.


I already know that the fewer genes you share in common with a female, the more likely it is that you’ll be attracted to her various scents (and vice versa).

This is momma nature’s way of preventing “kissing cousin syndrome,” otherwise known as inbreeding.


I left the appointment in a fairly worked up state and thought to myself…

Damn, that was easy. How can I duplicate this?

So I logged onto PubMed and found a study published in the journal Neuroscience where scientists exposed male rats to Volatile Odors from a group of lady rats. (source)

And these boys all of a sudden started sprouting non-contact woodies (scent-driven flag poles).

So I kept looking and found a few more studies…

Here are a few snippets:

Astrid Jutte, at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, found that these odors can increase male testosterone levels by 150%.


Significant increases in T with respect to basal values were observed. Our results show that female odors from the vulva elicit hormonal changes in men.

And finally…

The application of Synthetic Pheromones leads to an increase in reproductive activity compared with the control group.

This last quote demonstrates that bottled pheromones can do this job quite effectively.

Not only that, but the attraction they create swings both ways (for her and him).

So you can use the male variety to get her going if she’s been flat lately.

Anyway, if you’re interested in testing these out you’ll find more info on them right here.

Make sure you read the info under the headline: Precisely How Pheromones Work


The studies mentioned above indicate that a whiff or two of her Volatile Odors can be enough turn your day around if you ever wake up with no juice in the tank.

Update – The Science of Pheromones

There are actually quite a few scientific studies out there examining the attraction effects of pheromones.

But before we get into the science, let me just assure you that there is actual truth to this.

You may have seen pheromones being sold as “love potions” to attract women to you at crazy levels. Don’t pass this off as just another snake oil. Pheromones actually work.

That said, just be careful because not all pheromone products are legit. Do your own research and read reviews if you’re thinking about using any of this stuff.

Now for some science.

There are several common pheromones. Both men and women have them, but the specific pheromones secreted by each sex are different.

That’s why pheromones are a sort of sexual “green light” for arousal. As a man, if you smell a female’s pheromones, you’ll probably start to get turned on.

That’s because your body recognizes the pheromone scent even if you consciously don’t realize it. This can have powerful effects on arousal and sexual activity.

Do Pheromones Attract Women?

At one point or another, most men have asked this question. The answer is yes, and the science confirms it.

In one study, a small group of men was broken into a test and control group. The test group was given a synthetic version of the male pheromone androstenone to use as a potential attractant for women. (source)

The goal here was to compare the effectiveness of the synthetic pheromone to the control group which received no pheromones. Over the course of 8 weeks, results showed that the pheromones actually worked.

Specifically, the data revealed that there was a significant increase in male sociosexual behaviors in the test group. Meaning, the test group had more sexual activity with women than the control group.

The scientists behind this admit that it needs to be studied further – but the initial data clearly suggests that human male pheromones positively influence the sexual attractiveness of men to women.

Do Pheromones Attract Men?

Pheromones go both ways. Male pheromones can attract women and female pheromones will attract men.

So the answer to the question above is yes. There’s a large body of science to back this up as well.

In one study, a group of young women was given a synthetic version of the female pheromone androstenol to judge its effectiveness in attracting male partners. (source)

This was done in almost exactly the same way as the male study we just covered – the women are broken into test and control groups, and the study was done over an 8 week period.

Results from this study showed that the test group (using the pheromones) had significantly more sexual activity with men during the test period than the control group.

Based on this data, the scientists concluded that the pheromone formula did in fact act as an attractant for men by making the women appear more sexually attractive.

Her Odors WILL Spike Your Wood

As a little bonus info, check out the studies below.

They examine the effects of a potent female pheromone called copulin which is found in female vaginal fluid.

Spoiler alert: copulin will get men going.

One study found that when comparing t-shirts with different female odors, men consistently selected the copulin-soaked shirts as being more pleasant and even sexy. (source)

That’s right – they found the odor sexy.

Another study even took it a step further, concluding that copulin actually caused a noticeable spike in male testosterone levels. (source)

This is practical knowledge for any man. Say your lady is in the mood but you’re not – try going down on her for a bit. You’ll probably get a stiffy before you even realize it.



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