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7 Fruits for Hard Morning Wood

Discover the best 7 fruits for hard morning wood right here!

We usually tend to eat with our eyes, hearts and stomachs. However, most foods can affect extremely specific parts of the body.

In this case, some of them can affect the health of one of our best mates: the mostly glorious penis.

Actually, the human our body is such a fine piece of machinery that everything we eat tends to go exactly where its needed.

But if some healthy foods can benefit our third leg, why aren’t we indulging?

So, here’s the goal: the following 7 fruits for hard morning wood are a must that are absolutely needed in your weekly diet. Add them to your grocery list without further ado!

Best 7 Fruits to Get Hard Morning Wood

The following fruits to improve erections will ensure that your body will have enough nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins for your penis to function optimally.

Moreover, the addition of healthier ingredients (and maybe the elimination of some that aren’t as healthy) will reduce your overall risk of disease.

Make sure your arteries are clean for better erectile strength. Learn more here!

1. Apples


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Apples possess some great health benefits and are available all year round.

When it comes to penile health, the peel is far more interesting. Apple peels contain an active compounds called ursolic acid.

Research has shown that this compound can stop the growth of prostate cancer cells. (1)

While more research is needed, it’s clear that an apple a day is a great option to keep prostate issues away and thus, maintain optimal erections…all year round!

2. Berries


Berries – and particularly blueberries, cherries and blackberries – are packed with anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid that gives fruits and vegetables their vibrant colours.

Harvard researchers have found that a diet rich in these foods can do as much as a few hours of weekly brisk walks in regards of erectile function. (2)

Another researcher from the University of East Anglia, England said that “Men who regularly consumed foods high in these flavonoids were 10 percent less likely to suffer erectile dysfunction”.

With that in mind, make sure to stock up berries and freeze them for when they are out of season!

Fish oil can improve libido, erectile performance and overall health, discover more here!

3. Citrus Fruits


Not unlike berries, citrus fruits contain a lot of flavonoids – more precisely flavanones and flavones.

These compounds are excellent to lower the risk of erectile dysfunction and ensure optimal erections.

Researchers have speculated that the flavonoids found in these fruits may be useful to improve the health of blood vessels by relaxing the arteries – which in turn, can improve blood flow.

The same Harvard research mentioned above found that the addition of weekly exercise to a flavanoid-rich diet reduced the risk of ED by 21%. (2)

4. 7 Fruits to Get Hard Morning Wood – Bananas


This great energy booster is also a bit of an aphrodisiac! Now, bananas aren’t only good to satiate a big hunger, make a hearty breakfast or snack, and treat constipation.

They can also bring arousal back and improve sexual health.

Additionally, bananas are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that helps regulating blood pressure and testosterone production.

Two key elements to ensure good erections.

Finally, this penis shaped fruit also improves blood flow, which will, in due time, ensure that enough blood goes toward your mate!

These 5 vasodilators (foods that boost blood flow) are brilliant to get hard morning wood every single morning!

5. Watermelon


This summer favourite contains a high amount of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals (such as potassium) that are beneficial for our overall health.

But watermelon also contains citrulline, a precursor of a gas called nitric oxide.

Higher levels of this gas will relax blood vessels and as a result, boost blood flow naturally.

Finally, watermelon is a great tool to lose weight.

Being overweight increases the risk of ED and simply losing the extra weight can bring things back to normal.

So, when the warmer months are around, gorge on watermelon without moderation!

6. Best 7 Fruits to Get Hard Morning Wood – Avocados


The Aztecs used to call the avocado tree “the testicle tree”. They were on to something…

Avocados are a brilliant source of healthy fats, vitamins and potassium. Moreover, avocados are great to boost your sexual drive.

This salad and toast favourite provides good quantities of vitamin E and zinc, two key nutrients to boost fertility.

Also, zinc could also improve free testosterone levels (the quantity of testosterone that can be used straight away) and vitamin E may also improve sperm quality.

Note: Yes, avocados are technically fruits and so are the following fruits…tomatoes!

To maximize the beneficial properties of avocados, add some beets and enjoy a salad that can improve erectile performance!

7. Tomatoes


If there’s one fruit that should be eaten nearly everyday or actually, every day, it’s tomatoes!

First, as you know, tomatoes are usually used as a vegetable. That makes them very versatile and rather low in sugar too.

Second, they provide several benefits.

For instance, research shows that lycopene-rich foods – an antioxidant that provides the red colour to tomatoes – may prevent prostate cancer.

Furthermore, tomatoes can improve male fertility, blood flow and sperm quality.

Go here to learn how to boost sperm quality AND quantity.

This article “7 fruits for hard morning wood” was written by Michael King.

(1) Combinatorial treatment with natural compounds in prostate cancer inhibits prostate tumor growth and leads to key modulations of cancer cell metabolism. Alessia Lodi, Achinto Saha, Xiyuan Lu, Bo Wang, Enrique Sentandreu, Meghan Collins, Mikhail G. Kolonin, John DiGiovanni & Stefano Tiziani. Precision Oncology. 2017

(2) Dietary flavonoid intake and incidence of erectile dysfunction. Aedín Cassidy, Mary Franz, Eric B Rimm. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2016

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