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Testicle Facts That You Need To Know!  Interesting Testicle Trivia

Read on to learn several testicle facts that will teach you a few things about the most potent sex organs in a mans body.

Your testicles can increase in size by as much as 50 percent just prior to ejaculation, due to increased blood flow.

If you squeeze a man’s testicles firmly enough, he’ll black out. Hit them with enough force, and you’ll sterilize him for life.


You feel testicle trauma inside your belly region because the nerve ending leading away from your testicles are attached to your stomach.

Your sperm thrives at body temperature long enough for them to travel through the female reproductive tract and fertilize the egg. After this journey is over, they die off quickly.

Your cremasteric reflex lowers your testicles to keep the temperatures down, because semen is more stable when it’s stored in a cooler environment.

Your cremasteric muscle also kicks in to protect your testicles when you feel threatened, by moving them closer to your body.

You can test your cremasteric reflex by stroking your inner thigh. If your testicles rise, all systems are go.

Your left testicle is more likely to be larger and hang lower inside your scrotum.  If your right testicle is bigger and hangs lower, you’re more likely to be left handed.

highly fertile womanJust before ejaculation, your testicles elevate and make direct contact with your body.  If your testicles don’t rise, you won’t ejaculate.

A man born with one testicle is still capable of impregnating females and fathering children.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and Arnold Schwarzenegger were all reported to have only one testicle.

In the Middle Ages, men wanting male offspring would sometimes chop off their left testicle because they believed that the right testicle made boy sperm, and the left made girl sperm.

Testicle Facts – Part 2:

Your penis has more nerve endings than your testicles, but your testis have many more pain receptors.


Avocado is the Aztec word for testicle.

Testosterone controls testicular volume, so the more T you have the bigger your testicles are going to be.

Expose a man’s testicles to too much estrogen and he’ll become infertile.

Polyorchidism is the word used to describe men born with 3 testicles. This is a rare condition, with less than 200 cases reported in the medical literature.

You release up to 500 million sperm per ejaculation, but only about 200 of these swimmers will make it all the way to the egg for possible fertilization.

After puberty, testes volume increases by as much as 500 percent compared to their size before puberty.

Testicular cancer is a young mans disease, with most men being diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 39.


Male lions have huge balls. When a female lion is in heat, he mates with her every half hour for three days straight.

In one grasshopper species, the testicles occupy half of their body mass.

The blue whale is the largest animal on earth, but the right whale has the largest testicles. Each one weighs in at a whopping 1100 pounds.

The average human testicle measures 2 inches long, 1.2 inches in height.

Human testicle facts, the man’s testicle is smaller than a chimpanzees but much larger than a gorillas.


Average human testicle size has been going down progressively over the last four decades in industrialized nations worldwide.

Here’s how you can avoid being part of this statistic.

Update: More Testicle Trivia!

Read on for 12 more testicles facts…

Testicles contain more diverse proteins than anywhere else within the body. Our bodies contain upwards of 20,000 proteins, found in all of our essential organs, hair, and more. But of these 20,000, an astounding 82% is expressed in the testes, ensuring your sperm has all the biological data they need for reproduction.  

On average, the testes create almost 300 million sperm per day. As if that stat wasn’t already ridiculously impressive, the testes manage to also make 3000 per second. In just under a month, the body actually develops more sperm than there are people. 

Compression of the testicles was once a rare form of execution. While it didn’t happen often, there have been historical accounts of men having their testicles squeezed until they died as a form of legal punishment. One of the better-known ones dates back to the Ottoman Empire in 1622. 

The testicles have played an important role in musical history. Because women weren’t allowed to sing in church choruses, 16th century choir boys (called castrati) would be castrated to take over the vocal role.  

The world’s largest scrotum weighed roughly 132 pounds. The man behind the scrotum was Wesley Warren, a man who suffered from a unique condition called scrotal elephantiasis that caused massive swelling. Unfortunately, he died in 2014, but was able to get free surgery on his scrotum prior to this. 

Survival from testicular cancer is incredibly high if caught early. According to cancer research compiled in the UK, this specific type of cancer has upwards of a 95% survival rate should you detect any issues early. 


Beaver balls were once thought to act as a contraceptive. 16th to 18th century women who didn’t get pregnant would even go so far as to brew tea or moonshine with them. 

Chimney sweeps in the 1700s and 1800s were prone to scrotal cancer. A chemical called creosote was to blame, as it would transfer from the chimney to the sweeps and collect between the skin folds on their scrotums. 

Research suggests people with smaller balls might sleep less. A University of Southern Denmark sleep study found that their insomniac research subjects had 29% lower sperm counts compared to their better-sleeping counterparts. 


Testicles were a part of law in Ancient Rome. Men would actually swear on their balls when they were called to testify in courts, using it as a show of truthfulness and honor. 

Swamp balls aren’t the result of sweat. The sweat may feel gross below the belt, but that infamous smell is actually caused by the bacteria colonizing all your sensitive bits.  

Warm temperatures are bad for your sperm. Meanwhile, keeping your lower bits cooler promotes better health and fertility, causing sperm to swim at a better pace and ultimately survive longer. 

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