How to Get Huge Testicles

Want to get huge testicles?

Then you’re in the right place.

There are actually quite a few natural methods you can use right now to increase your testicle size. These methods don’t require any prescriptions or procedures.

All you need to do for most of them is make some simple lifestyle changes.


In general, the key here is living a healthy life.

That means eating right and making sure you get enough vitamins and minerals. It also means sleeping at least 8 hours per night, avoiding harmful chemicals, and cutting down your alcohol intake.

Why do these things work to increase testicle size?

To put it simply, they all help your body produce more testosterone. Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body when it comes to sexual health and performance.

Science confirms that more testosterone results in larger testicles.

Data from multiple studies has shown that there is a strong positive correlation between testosterone levels and testicle size. (1, 2, 3)

So in reality, to get bigger balls, you need to increase your testosterone levels. All the methods below will help you get huge testicles by working to increase your body’s natural testosterone production.

1: Ice Your Balls to Get Huge Testicles


Now I know this might sound a bit crazy, but there’s real science behind why this works. Our testicles are where testosterone is produced inside our bodies.

However, in order to produce testosterone, our testicles must be slightly cooler than normal human body temperature. Ever noticed how your sack will tense up and shrink when you get cold?

Or hang extra low when it’s really hot? That’s a natural way that your body tries to regulate the temperature of your testicles. If your testicles get too hot, they won’t actually produce any testosterone.

That’s why icing your balls can help increase your testosterone production. Wearing looser underwear like boxers can help too.

If your regularly wear tight-fitting underwear or pants, you might be hurting your body’s own testosterone production process.

If you want to try icing your balls, grab an ice pack and apply it to your underwear in the area where your testicles hang. Don’t apply it directly to your skin! Leave the ice pack on for 10-15 minutes. You should do this no more than 3 times per day.

2: Stop Jacking Off To Porn to Get Huge Testicles

This is a big one guys. If you masturbate excessively and you use porn to do it, then you are killing your body’s testosterone levels.

Not only that, but you’re also messing with your head. Porn is addictive because it releases an unnatural amount of dopamine (the pleasure chemical) in your brain.

Over time, this can result in a lack of motivation for sex because your body learns to prefer the elevated dopamine you get from porn.

Sex with a real human on the other hand is healthy for both brain and body. It also feels much better physically.

That’s because real sex involves a lot more foreplay, anticipation, skin contact, and pheromones than masturbation does.

All of these things combine to produce a much strong ejaculatory response to sex – meaning you’ll ejaculate more and it will feel much better.

Studies have also confirmed that having real sex can actually result in a sharp increase in testosterone levels.

One study of men visiting a sex club found that those who actually had sex in the club saw a 72% increase in testosterone levels, compared to an 11% increase in those who just watched. (4)

Another study of couples found that on nights when they had sex, overall testosterone levels increased significantly compared to nights that they did not. (5)

3: Avoid Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals


Plastics and many common personal care products are chock full of harmful chemicals. Specifically, they contain numerous endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The word endocrine is key because the endocrine system is responsible for all your body’s hormones – hormones like testosterone.

If the endocrine system is disrupted by harmful chemicals, then your hormones will be out of wack. For men, that could mean drastically lowered testosterone levels.

This has been proven many times over. Dr. Shanna Swan of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York has been studying the effects of plastics on reproductive health for decades.

Her research shows that many chemicals found in common plastics can seriously hurt penis size, sperm count, and testosterone levels. (6)

One of the worst offenders is a chemical group known as phthalates. These are found in most plastics and are used to make them more flexible. 

Multiple studies have found that phthalates can seriously lower testosterone levels.

They have also been shown to delay puberty in children whose mother’s were exposed to high levels of these chemicals during pregnancy. (7, 8)

Bisphenol A or BPA is another bad one. Most plastics claim that they no longer contain BPA, but testing has shown this isn’t completely true. (9)

BPA has been proven to significantly lower testosterone levels.

One study of men who worked in a factory where BPA was produced found that subjects had drastically lower testosterone levels compared to a control group. Other studies have shown that BPA can cause outright sexual dysfunction in men. (10, 11)

Triclosan is another one to be aware of. It’s an antibacterial compound that’s found in quite a few lotions, soaps, and hand sanitizers. Multiple studies have shown that this chemical can drastically lower testosterone levels. It’s so bad that it’s actually been banned in the EU since 2010. (12, 13)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to harmful chemicals. There are tons more hiding in many personal care products and plastics.

The best way to avoid them?

Use metal, glass, or paper products instead when possible. Additionally, try to use only natural care products – stuff with just a few (readable) ingredients and no artificial scents.

You can find these at Whole Foods and other natural food and health stores.

4: Maximize Fat Soluble Vitamin Intake

A solid vitamin routine each day will pay big dividends when it comes to your testosterone levels. 

In fact, there’s a long list of crucial vitamins that are scientifically proven to seriously impact testosterone levels.

We’ll cover a few of the most important ones here.

Up first is vitamin A, and not just because it’s first alphabetically. It’s probably one of the top 3 best vitamins for testosterone, and that’s proven by science.

Studies have shown that when there is no vitamin A circulating in human male testicles, testosterone levels drop like crazy.

Other studies have confirmed that there’s a clear link between vitamin A levels and testosterone levels. (14, 15)

Vitamin D is arguably just as important.

This vitamin is actually responsible for more than 1,000 critical bodily functions. It’s also proven to have a big impact on testosterone levels.

Multiple studies have found a clear link between vitamin D and testosterone levels. One study found that men with adequate vitamin D showed significantly higher T levels than men with a vitamin D deficiency. (16)

Another study found that after consistent vitamin D supplementation over a 1-year period, male test subjects showed a 25% increase in testosterone levels compared to a control group. (17)

There are plenty of other vitamins that will help you maximize your testosterone levels. It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of all of them to give your body the fuel it needs.

Other critical vitamins for testosterone include vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. You should also pay attention to minerals like magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc, and boron – these will also give your T levels a big boost.

The best way to make sure you’re getting enough vitamins?

Eat high quality whole foods and start taking a good multivitamin every morning. Make sure it covers all the key vitamins we just discussed.

6: Limit Alcohol to Two Drinks Per Day


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but alcohol can be seriously harmful when it comes to testosterone levels.

Now, I’m not saying you have to quit drinking across the board. However, less alcohol intake is better when it comes to optimizing your testosterone levels.

The science on this is pretty cut and dry. Studies have found that heavy alcohol intake can cause a significant drop in testosterone levels.

Additionally, the science shows that consistent alcohol abuse can eventually result in hypogonadism – that’s the technical term for when your testicles stop producing testosterone completely. (18, 19)

That’s a clear sign that alcohol is an enemy of testosterone. However, you can still have a few drinks if you want without much of an impact on your T levels.

Studies have found that consuming the equivalent of 2 glasses of red wine results in about a 7% drop in testosterone levels. (20)

Bottom line: the more you drink, the greater the negative impact will be on your testosterone levels.

7: Sleep Well to Get Huge Testicles

Sleep is absolutely essential if you want to raise your T levels and increase your testicle size.

In fact, getting good sleep is probably the number one thing you can do to optimize your testosterone levels.

Now, when I say “good sleep” here I mean sleep from 7 – 8 hours each night. That number is the sweet spot for optimal testosterone and it has actually been proven by science.

One major study on this topic compared two groups of men. Men in group A slept for 4 hours each night, while men in group B slept for 8 hours each night.

Every man in the study had their T levels tested each morning.

Results showed that the men in group B who slept 8 hours per night consistently had more than double the testosterone in their bodies compared to group A subjects. (21)

Other studies have consistently confirmed these results. One study was even able to calculate that each extra hour of sleep resulted in a 15% increase in testosterone levels. (22)

So it pays to get good sleep! If you consistently sleep less than 8 hours each night, adding an extra few hours can provide a big increase for your testosterone levels.

8: Stop Eating Soy to Get Huge Testicles


I don’t mean to pick on a specific food here, but there is science that shows that specific compounds in soy can decrease sperm counts and lower testosterone levels.

In one study, results showed that men who at large amounts of soy-based foods showed drastically lower sperm counts than men who did not consume soy-based foods. (23)

Another study found that consistent soy intake over a 54 day period resulted in a notable decrease in testosterone levels. (24)

However, not all the science is in agreement on this topic. Some studies have presented conflicting evidence, claiming that soy really has no measurable impact on T levels. (25)

In this case, I would take a “better safe than sorry” approach and try to eliminate as much soy from your diet as possible.

The potential risk to your T levels outweighs any benefit you might get from soy foods.

9: Take a L. Reuteri Probiotic 

If you’re familiar with probiotics, then you’ve probably heard the name Lactobacillus Reuteri before.

If it’s new to you, allow me to explain.

Our bodies are actually full of many different bacteria, and many of them are good!

These bacteria live in our intestines and make up our microbiome, a crucial part of our health. They are responsible for digestion and play a big role in defending our bodies against disease.

Probiotics are one group of these good bacteria. Lactobacillus Reuteri is just one type of beneficial probiotic that’s been proven to increase testosterone levels and testicle size.

One study found that Lactobacillus Reuteri resulted in increased testosterone production, higher sperm quality, and even larger testicles in male mice. (26)

Human studies have found similar results. In one example, infertile men were given a Lactobacillus Reuteri supplement for ten weeks.

Results showed that the supplement was able to increase ejaculate volume and sperm count. (27)

10: Supplement with Zinc to Get Huge Testicles


Zinc is an essential mineral for human health. It’s also a known testosterone booster, especially in men who have a zinc deficiency. 

One study of infertile men found that consistent zinc supplementation resulted in significant increases in testosterone levels for men with low T levels.

The impact of the supplementation was less significant for men with higher T levels, but it still increased DHT in these subjects. (28)

Zinc is also known to evaporate through sweat, so men who exercise very often can also benefit from zinc supplementation.

In elite athletes, zinc supplementation has been proven to significantly increase testosterone levels. (29)

The same results have been also found in studies of non-athletes who were given a light exercise regiment. (30)

In short, zinc can provide a big boost to your T levels, especially if have low T or you’re not getting enough zinc daily (which is most men).

Zinc is still beneficial even if you don’t meet those criteria, but the effects will be less dramatic.

As humans, we cannot produce zinc inside our bodies – we need to get it from outside sources. That means taking a good supplement on a regular basis.

Get Huge Testicles: Conclusion

The truth is that it’s completely possible to increase your testicle size. You don’t need expensive treatments, drugs, or surgery. You can increase your testicle size with natural methods.

The methods outlined here are the best ways to increase testicle size naturally. They are really just the beginning, but they will give you a solid foundation to build on.

Living healthy is important when it comes to testosterone and sexual health. Nearly all of these methods have that in common.

If you get enough sleep, eat well, avoid chemicals, and exercise, then you’re already well on your way to achieving optimal testosterone levels.

Testosterone is crucial for your testicles and your overall sexual health. By working to optimize the levels of testosterone in your body, you will improve your libido, your sexual performance, and your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Another nice benefit is that optimal testosterone levels will also help get huge testicles. Focusing on a healthy lifestyle is really all you need to do in order to get started with this.

Working on the key areas discussed in this article will help increase your testosterone levels and in turn, increase your testicle size. 

Just remember that consistency is key – you need to keep at it with these methods in order to see any lasting results.


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