5 Ways to Fix Inflammation to Jack Up Testosterone

turmeric in a jar to boost testosterone

With these 5 ways to fix inflammation, your levels of testosterone will significantly rise. And you will get this improvement without any of the pesky side effects that come with anti-inflammatory medications. So, how does that work? High levels of inflammation are often a factor in hormonal imbalances. And vice versa, a good hormonal balance […]

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Which Nuts are Good to Increase Sperm Volume?

nuts for more sperm volume

Which nuts are good to increase sperm volume? That is indeed a good question – so, nuts could potentially benefit what’s inside yours?! You may have heard that male health is declining worldwide. Global testosterone levels are significantly decreasing and sperm quality (count and volume) is also diminishing. This isn’t great news. However, that doesn’t […]

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5 Vasodilators for Hard Morning Wood

grapes and wine for morning wood

You came here to find natural vasodilators for hard morning wood, don’t look any further! If waking up in the morning is already a bit of an unpleasant experience after hearing the dreaded alarm clock (or little birds for you fancy people)…waking up to no morning wood isn’t going to make it any better, right? […]

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Does Masturbating Too Often Cause Premature Ejaculation?

Does masturbating too often cause premature ejaculation? Well, masturbation in itself is perfectly natural and if anything, an essential part of manhood. However, nowadays, we are seeing an increasing number of people suffering from erectile dysfunction – one of those being premature ejaculation. While premature ejaculation shouldn’t be something that’s alerting on a medical level, […]

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How to Boost Pheromones to Attract Females

It is possible to boost pheromones to attract females? The concept of human pheromones has been debated and researched for decades now. However, when it comes to animals, the relationship between pheromones and mating is as straightforward as it gets. Indeed, most animals will release pheromones towards a potential partner. And these lovely pheromones send […]

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Does Flirting Increase Testosterone Levels?

Does flirting increase testosterone levels? Well, it just might! Researchers have found that the mere presence of an attractive female can cause a temporary boost of testosterone levels – the sacred and main hormone of masculinity. So, that would mean that flirting with a woman you are into, could potentially raise your T levels and […]

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