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Small Scrotum – How to fix a tight scrotal sack

From the mailbag…

Hi Mark,

I have a small scrotum and my balls don’t hang very low from my body.

I’m overweight, so I have more fat around my sack than when I was younger, but there’s also been a tightening that I can actually feel.

Any suggestions on how to deal with a tight scrotum?


Hello JD,

I think you may have misdiagnosed your problem, and here’s why…

Excess weight can drastically reduce sperm counts…and obesity can actually cause outright sterility in men.


Because your testicles always suffer when body fat takes over, because fat mass is a breeding ground for estrogen…and excess estrogen pushes your T levels down.

And your testicles will always suffer in this environment because testosterone is the food that your balls eat…for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Small Scrotum or Small Testicles?

Danish scientists touched on this recently, when they examined the semen of heavy and normal weight individuals.

They discovered that men with body mass indexes over 25 produced 22 percent less semen…and had sperm counts that were 24 percent lower than the normal weight individuals.

These are very large numbers…and the trend continued to go up.

Men with body mass indexes over 30 – which is the cutoff point for obesity – had sperm parameters that were even worse.

This problem is driven by the fact that heavy men produce fewer steroid hormones and way more estrogen than normal weight men do. (source)

And as I mentioned, this hormone profile is not conducive to high functioning testicles.

This problem is compounded by the fact that heavy men’s tissues are more likely to be saturated with man-made compounds that mimic estrogen.

Known as xenoestrogens, these chemicals are stored inside fat mass – so more body fat means more toxin storage.

As a matter of fact, these toxins explain why many heavy men have a really hard time losing weight and even more difficulty keeping it off…

They’ve been chemically castrated!

Insulin Resistance & Male Estrogen Dominance

Overweight men are also more likely to be insulin resistant…

And even a minor case of insulin resistance can radically disrupt your androgen-to-estrogen ratios because insulin problems always lead to blood sugar problems…and body fat thrives on sugar.

Also when it’s provided with too much…

Your fat mass will continue to go up, and your estrogen levels will continue to rise. So look at your undersized scrotum issue like this.

Testosterone fuels testicle growth and semen production, while estrogen reduces testicle size AND semen volume when you have too much.

This altered estrogen profile has very likely happened inside you, which has impacted your testicle performance…as well as the size, shape and volume of your package.

And remember, small testicles also have a gravity problem.

They don’t have the weight OR the volume to push the scrotum down and away from the body in normal fashion.

You can stretch your scrotum until the cows come home…but the results will be not be satisfying, because your issue is not a small scrotum

It’s the weight, size and mass of your testicles…

Your balls are fighting a battle with estrogen they will never win until muscle mass – fueled by testosterone – replaces the body fat and estrogen that has taken over your system.

The good news is, this problem will be gone the instant you lose the excess weight.

Good luck,


Update – How to Increase Testicle Size Naturally

To quickly summarize – the best way to fix the sexual problems caused by being overweight is to lose the weight!

That’s because excess body fat is basically an estrogen factory.

Men don’t actually produce any estrogen in their bodies. Instead, it’s made by the aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen. This enzyme lives inside your adipose tissue – also known as body fat.

That’s why when your estrogen levels go up, your testosterone levels drop.

Testosterone has a major influence on your sex drive and the size of your testicles. So if you’re struggling with small balls, you need to decrease your estrogen levels and raise your T levels.

Below are a few proven, practical and natural ways you can lower your estrogen levels.

Stop Using Plastics

I know, easier said than done.

The fact is that many plastics contain compounds which are endocrine disruptors – meaning they disrupt your body’s natural production of hormones like testosterone.

Additionally, plastics can contain chemicals known as xenoestrogens. These are manmade chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen in the body.

One of the worst chemicals found in plastics is actually a group of chemicals known as phthalates.

In one major study on phthalates, researchers discovered that these chemicals are actually anti-androgens. That means they counteract the effects of male sex hormones like testosterone. (source)

Another chemical common in plastics is Bisphenol A, also known as BPA. It’s been linked to low T levels and increased estrogen.

Studies have also shown that it can cause sexual dysfunction in men, block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production, and increase the activity of the aromatase enzyme. (source, source).

BPA has already been pretty publicized in the media and most plastic products now claim to be BPA-free. But that doesn’t mean they’re safe.

One major study of almost 500 different plastic products found that even among those that claimed to be BPA-free, almost all leached chemicals that caused estrogenic activity. (source)

So it really pays to avoid plastics when possible.

Eat Cruciferous Vegetables

A simple diet change can pay big dividends when it comes to lowering your estrogen levels.

Cruciferous vegetables are some of the best foods you can eat when working towards this goal because they contain relatively high concentrations of the compound indole-3-carbinol (IC3).

Studies over the last 20 years have shown that IC3 can make estrogen less potent and help your body metabolize estrogen to ultimately get rid of it.

One study showed that IC3 can help the liver break down estrogen more effectively. (source)

Another study found that even mild supplementation with IC3 resulted in higher levels of estrogen in the urine of test subjects – meaning that more of it was being passed out of the body. (source)

So which cruciferous vegetables should you add to your diet? These are my top picks.

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Kale

Supplement with Tongkat Ali

This herb has become popular among the men’s health community of late.

Many have gone on to make highly exaggerated claims about it, so let’s be clear: it’s not a magic boner pill.

However, there is some science to back up the sexual benefits of Tongkat Ali.

In one study of men with low testosterone, supplementation with Tongkat Ali over a 1 month period resulted in a 46% average increase in T levels. Of the test subjects, about 90% were then able to get their T levels back into the standard range. (source)

Another study found that supplementation over 6 months caused a notable increase in erectile function as well as significant libido improvement. (source)

So you might want to check out some Tongkat Ali supplements. Just be sure to check reviews and verify that those supplements are legit – because there are a lot of scam artists out there today.

You can also check out my free ebook to learn 3 natural ways To enlarge your testicles today.



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