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Testosterone & Penis Size In Men

Testosterone Penis SizeThere’s about a million reasons why a man would want to boost his testosterone, but increasing penis size isn’t one of them.

Here’s why…

Penile growth at one time in your life was testosterone dependent, but once you moved past puberty this type of growth stopped permanently.

In other words, testosterone was responsible for your penis size, but only during your pubescent period which happened sometime between the ages of 9 and 14, when your pubic hair, your testicles and your penis all grew at an accelerated rate.

But once you made it past pubescence and hit the final stages of puberty, androgen fueled penile growth stopped for good.

Your testicles, on the other hand, still respond to sex hormones and can fluctuate wildly in size depending on your hormonal state.

So if you’re looking to maximize the size of your entire package you need to balance your testosterone-estrogen ratio for the bigger testicles, and jelq your penis for the bigger package.

This is a system that will work every single time.

And what exactly is jelqing?

Its simply the manual stimulation, or stretching of your penile tissue over an extended period which eventually lead to permanent growth.

And this type of enlargement is not androgen dependent, so you can do it at any age and still experience some impressive gains.

increase testosteroneBut this doesn’t mean you should forget about the testosterone entirely…

The best way to approach this is to jelq for enlargement AND for testosterone production, because jelqing can help you with both.

But it must be done right for this to happen and your success will all boil down to your ejaculation strategy going in.

Let me explain..

A typical jelqing session will start when your penis is in a flaccid state. But after 5 minutes or so, most men will achieve an erection….

An orgasm at this point would be counter productive, because it will lead to a noticeable decrease in testosterone, which can easily be verified by feeling your shrinking testicles.

But, if you hold off on the ejaculation you’ll get a nice penis stretch and the bump in testosterone that always happens when you jelq without ejaculating.

I’ve had conversations with many men who are committed jelqers, and to a man, they all agree with me on this.

Because up to a certain point, testosterone levels increase when you abstain, especially if you work your penis during this period of abstinence, because these routines are like a genital massage put on steroids.

Not only that, but testosterone also increases after you accomplish something and a properly performed jelqing session feels almost as good as a hard weight lifting routine if you do it right.

I strongly believe that every man should jelq on a regular basis and that includes you, especially if you place a high value on your sexual fitness.

Once you get started, you’ll value these routines every bit as much as your time spent exercising the rest of your body.

And don’t make the mistake of feeling guilty or ashamed for doing them, because this is all about sexual fitness and a sexually fit man is going to be much happier than one who is not.

We’ve added bonus material to the the testicle enlargement e-course that will show you how to jelq your penis the right way.

See it here

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