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Testicles Hang Low – Scrotal Sack

Hi Mark,

My testicles hang low, too low in fact. They sag so much that they make my penis look small in comparison.

I’ve had this problem as long as I can remember and have done no stretching or pulling exercises at all.

I’d like to change this look somehow, but don’t know if there’s a way to do this. Your advice would be appreciated.


Hello Taze,

I’ve seen this look before, where a man with very low hanging testicles and an average sized penis has a package that looks all out of proportion.

In these situations; the sack hangs so low that it shows up the penis, making it look smaller than it actually is.

This phenomenon explains why I’m not a big fan of scrotum stretching exercises; because most men will wind up looking funny downstairs, especially if they’re hardcore about the stretching.

But your situation is genetic, and unfortunately, you have no control over the genes you’re given at birth.

And it’s these genes that determined your scrotal length; along with how far your sack is going to drop when your testicles become too warm.

This dropping and constricting of the scrotal sack is caused by something called the cremasteric reflex.

I’ve discussed this at length in other posts; but here’s a quick rundown of the process….

Your body runs at a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; but your testicles like things just a tad cooler because they function better in chilly weather.

They produce more sperm, the sperm they produce is healthier and they also synthesize testosterone at a higher rate when they’re slightly colder than your core body temperature.

Some men have a modest cremasteric reflex, where the testicles only drop slightly as the temps rise, while others will drop so much, they’ll feel like they’re about to drag on the floor.

And once again, all of this is determined by the genes passed on to you by your parents.

As far as solutions go, you have two options, scrotum reduction surgery or penile stretching exercises.

The scrotum reduction surgery should only be considered if you’re dealing with pain caused by a short spermatic cord that doesn’t drop as far as your sack, leading to pain and discomfort…

Or if you frequently injure yourself while sitting on a bicycle, a hard chair or the toilet seat.

On the other hand…

If frequent injury or chronic pain isn’t a problem for you; I’d recommend that you do jelqing exercises to create better symmetry between your scrotal sack and your penis.

This would be the ideal scenario for you if this is strictly a cosmetic issue, because the penile stretching will increase the size of your penis relative to your scrotal sack.

Penis stretching does take time, especially to cement the gains permanently, but the good news for you is, your flaccid hang is where you’ll experience noticeable gains first.

In other words, it takes a while to see gains while erect; but flaccid size comes on rather quickly.

In the meantime…

If your main concern is how you look downstairs when you’re in the company of a woman; you can simply do a 3 minute stretching routine just before jumping in the sack.

This is like an instant fix to your problem, and can done be almost anyplace where you can lock the door and gain a few minutes of privacy.

If you do these routines consistently, you’ll find that this last step will be unnecessary after several weeks because that’s all it takes to see noticeable gains in your flaccid hang.

You can find information on the web that will show you some basic stretching routines, or if you’d like detailed information, along with community, forums and support, you can try this.

Good luck

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