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How To Ejaculate More Healthy Sperm Further

 healthy spermIs it possible to ejaculate more sperm that shoots out much further?

It’s surprising how many men ask me for natural methods on how to do this. Most of them also claim to have had much bigger and stronger ejaculations in their younger years too.


Ever heard of the porn star Peter North?

I’m not big on porn but I’ve been around long enough to know that this guy defines the word fire hose.

If you’re looking to ejaculate more, Mr. North would definitely be a good guy to emulate.

And this won’t be too hard to do because there are a couple of things that stand out about this guy that give us a clue as to why he’s so productive…

For one, he’s about as fit as a man can get..

As a matter of fact, in his prime he could have made his mother happy by switching careers  and earning his income as a swim suit model.

He was literally that fit.

But he’s got another thing going for him that can’t be ignored…

He’s spent much of his life having sex with Real Women.

And I’d venture to say he’s spent very little time consuming the pornography he’s spent so much of his life producing – because when you have such easy access to the real thing, two dimensional images on a computer screen aren’t so appealing.

And these two things, fitness and smart ejaculation habits, especially when combined with some quality nutrition will help any man ejaculate more and to ejaculate further too.

Toss in a chemical avoidance plan along with some sunlight exposure to keep your vitamin D levels in the zone, and you’ll help your cause even further.

Especially if you’re smart about the alcohol and drugs, and that includes the ones your doctor may be pushing on you.

And if you throw in some good sleeping habits that result in a consistent 7 to 8 hours of coma like sleep every night…

And you’re productive and successful in whatever job you do and you are Not owned by another male, you’re going to get another turn of the spigot.

And if you really dig in and do all of these things..

You’ll get awfully close to our man Peter, but you’re still not going to go all the way because he obviously got some killer genetics working on his side.

But you can get pretty damn close if you’re motivated enough to game the system a bit by using the right supplements in the right way.

And when I speak of supplements I’m not talking about the dozen or so semen volume pills you’ll find on the market that will only work the first time you use them, if you’re lucky.

I’m speaking of supplements that fuel sperm synthesis on an organic level.

Food and plant based products that infuse your system with the essential vitamins, minerals and steroid like co-factors that Most men aren’t getting enough of.

The word on the street is that Mr. North is big on these types of supplements…

And I cover all the good ones in the chapter I devoted to the subject in my testicle enlargement e-course.

If you’re looking to ejaculate more, you’ll find the answer Here.


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