Do Semen Volume Pills Work?

increase semen volume pills Hi Mark,

Do semen volume pills work?

I’ve been trying to increase ejaculation volume using sperm pills with very little success and I think I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.

Should I be working on my testicles instead? And will this lead to bigger loads once they start to grow?

Thanks, love your site.


Oak Park, IL

Do Semen Volume Pills Work?

Hello DL,

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

In answer to your question, yes, you should place your focus on your testicles and not your ejaculation volume…

Because when you go after bigger loads exclusively, you have a tendency to focus on the wrong things…

And these things usually come in the form of an overpriced, over-hyped semen volume pill that won’t work in the long run anyway.

If these products actually did deliver as advertised, we’d all be on easy street, but unfortunately that’s not the case.


Because your body has a very concise checks and balances system in place – AKA the negative feedback loop.

And it uses this system to create stability and to reduce biological fluctuations.

In science speak they call this balanced biological state homeostasis.

And if you didn’t have this built into your system, your time here on earth will be very short, because you can’t survive without it…

Because this balancing system controls many vital functions….

Including your glucose levels, body temperature, blood pressure, and most germane to our conversation today, your hormone levels.

As a matter of fact, it even controls how much insulin is secreted by the beta cells in your pancreas.

This was all a rather long winded way of saying that those semen volume pills you were using may work once. Or maybe even twice…

But no more than that, because your negative feedback system won’t allow it.


Your body at any given time has a certain hormonal framework to work with and the only way to shift this around is to change the entire structure.

The structure in this case being your testicles, the tools that create your sperm on an organic level.

So step one in this framework shift is to increase the size, weight and overall volume of your package.

And you can easily accomplish this goal by boosting steroid hormone synthesis inside your testis.

This is what will deliver the increased ejaculation volume you’re looking for.

Because more steroid hormones means more sex drive on your part, which will create a mind body connection between your brain and your gonads.

In essence, you’ll start thinking about and looking at women more frequently in a sexual way which will send the signal to your testis to rev up semen production.

This is your own built in Positive Feedback Loop, and every human male with a pulse responds to sexual stimulation in this way.

And remember, hormones synthesis, testicle function and sperm production all work in concert together.

And the music will begin automatically once your testicles start manufacturing more steroid hormones.

Achieve this goal, and your semen volume will increase by default…

Because your new homeostatic state will make it so.

Thanks for your question


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