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Do Women Prefer Girth or Length? The Absolute Truth

what size do women preferDo women prefer girth or length when it comes down to a straight choice?

Sexual truth bomb for you:

If a woman tells you size doesn’t matter, it’s because your size matters to her.

There is such a thing as a member that’s too small, and definitely such a thing as a member that’s too big.

All that said, the range for a member that’s just right is broader than most sources would have you believe…

And that range differs from woman to woman according to her own size and preferences.

That is to say the “perfect” proportions of a pecker are hard to gauge.

But the question remains: girth vs. length? Which do girls prefer and why? What can you do if you don’t exactly measure up?

The Case for Girth vs Length

A variety of recent studies have come out in favor of girth as the male size factor you should pay the most attention to.

In a 2014 study conducted at the Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience Lab in UCLA, 41 women were asked to view and handle 3D printed models of a penis. The models ranged from 4 inches long by 2.5 inches around to 8.5 inches long and 7 inches around.

Though most women reported no preference for a long-term partner, they preferred penises in the middle of the range for length for a one-night stand and overwhelmingly preferred thicker penis models for a one-time partner.

A 2012 study of 300 women found that 60 percent didn’t care about sizes within the normal range – but that those who did care wanted girth at least as much as they wanted length.

Neither study investigated why women preferred thick penises of average length to either longer, thinner penises or long, thick penises. But, a look at female anatomy gives us some clues.

Although they structure is different from a penis, most of the vagina is made of the same kind of tissue as a penis.

Specifically, the walls of the vagina are made of erectile tissue.

This is why the clitoris is so sensitive, and why the tissue inside the vagina is equally as sensitive as the tissue on the outside of your penis.

The more friction and sensation you can give that tissue, the more a woman will enjoy the sex.

A thicker penis provides more of that friction and sensation where it counts.

Wondering what women think about the size of your balls? Check out this article to learn more.

The Case Against Length And Penile Size


Speaking of tissues inside of a woman, if you go deep enough into the vagina you eventually run into the cervix.

Unlike the erectile tissues on the vagina’s walls, the cervix generally does not like friction and sensation.

Researcher Shannon Leung of UCLA’s Biology department presented findings to that effect at a recent meeting of the Association for Psychological Science.

A long, thin penis prods the cervix painfully.

No matter what the porn you watch suggests, a long, thick penis doesn’t provide enough pleasure to the vagina to outweigh the pain caused by slamming the cervix.

If your penis is too long for comfort, research and surveys suggest your best option is to choose positions that limit how deeply you can penetrate your partner.

Bustle magazine, a sex-positive website for women, suggests reverse cowgirl while she lies down, missionary with her on top, and any number of positions with both of you standing up for exactly that situation.

The TRUTH About Girth vs Length

Other research into penis size and women’s preferences has revealed some additional facts about your girth, length, and how much you should care about it.

  • Surveys consistently found that women cared more about a large penis with taller, larger partners — suggesting that the appearance of larger size is as important as actually being larger.
  • Similar results found that women who cared about size preferred men with neatly trimmed or shaved pubic hair. Again likely because less hair exposes more of the penis, making it appear larger in length and girth.
  • Women who report preferring a longer penis can get good results by using positions that give more penetration, like reverse cowgirl and lotus.
  • Penis length was found to be more important both for heavier women and for women with overweight partners. Researchers suggest this is because the “excess baggage” sometimes interfered with full penetration, making length more important.

Interested in how you can get bigger, heavier testicles to boost overall package size? Check out this article for some practical tips.

Conclusion About Penile Girth

Although it’s true that size matters more than some women let on, both studies and surveys show…

That technique, environment and emotional connection matter a lot more when it comes to how much pleasure women get from sex with a man.

But when size does matter, a thicker penis is a better tool than a longer, thinner one.

This isn’t, hasn’t been, and never will be that website that tries selling you magic boner pills – but there are a few natural ways you can increase the width of your willy in the privacy of your own home.

You can start by following the 3 tips in this free enlargement guide from our sister site.

You can also try…

You can also use positions that reduce vaginal girth and increase friction to make up for the lack of width in your penis.

Some good examples of that include doggy style or missionary with her legs together, from behind in “spoons” position, and sex with the man on top and her legs on either side of her neck.

For willing partners, anal sex is also a potentially more enjoyable option with a penis of smaller girth.

But always remember that, unless you’re one of the 5% of men who have a significantly smaller penis (medically called a micropenis)…

You’ll get more traction in your action by focusing on attention, patience, and technique in the sack.

It’s also worth noting that much of the advice I give on this blog for men with issues keeping an erection or coming to orgasm can be applied to men with penises thinner than they would like.

Update – How to Increase Penis Size Naturally

I already listed a few general ways that you can help optimize the size of your member. I’ll go into some more detail on my top methods below.

But before I do, just keep this in mind: these techniques are not magic.

While everything I suggest will have benefits, they key is consistency and discipline. You won’t see any results if you just do these things occasionally when you feel like it. You need to do them consistently.

The other crucial piece of this is living healthy. In general, eating right and getting adequate exercise will increase your odds of success. Sitting around and eating junk every day won’t do you any favors.

With that said, here are my best ways to increase penis size naturally.

Cut Out Chemicals

Tons of common products these days are made using endocrine disruptor chemicals. I’m talking about substances like parabens, triclosan, BPA, phthalates, and benzophenones.

This is bad news for men, because these chemicals alter the endocrine system – and that’s the system responsible for controlling hormones like testosterone.

It’s critical to optimize your testosterone levels if you want to increase your penis size and make those increases stick around.

One of the worst (and most common) chemicals you should avoid is triclosan. It’s potent endocrine disruptor and carcinogen that was actually banned in the EU all the way back in 2010.

Now, I could write an entire article just on this one chemical – but I’ll give you the main points.

One study found that triclosan can significantly impact thyroid hormone concentrations and decrease serum testosterone levels. (source)

Another similar study found that triclosan significantly decreased testosterone levels and crucial enzyme activity in the testicles. (source)

Triclosan is found in many antibacterial soaps, deodorants, wipes, toothpastes, and shaving gels – so check your ingredients and switch to something that’s triclosan-free.

Get Enough Sleep

Remember how I said living healthy is crucial? Nowhere is this more obvious than in your sleep habits.

Sleep is incredibly important for any man because it has a big impact on testosterone levels. In fact, sleeping just an hour less can lower your morning T levels by up to 15 percent!

I didn’t make that up either – that’s been confirmed in a study of over 500 healthy men. That study found that sleeping for just 4 hours results in about 60% less testosterone in your system than if you slept for a full 8 hours. (source)

Another study also found nearly the same thing. The test group in this study that slept for 8 hours had more than double the testosterone than compared to the 4 hour group. (source)

So it’s in your best interest to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night!

Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol is a toxin – that’s just a fact. I’m not going to tell you to give it up completely, but cutting down on your alcohol intake can have big benefits for your testosterone levels.

Why is alcohol an enemy of testosterone? Well for one, it causes oxidative damage to your lydig cells which are where testosterone is produced in your balls. This lowers overall T levels. (source)

Alcohol also increases estrogen levels by increasing aromatase enzyme activity. Estrogen and testosterone are in constant competition, so when estrogen goes up, testosterone drops. (source)

How bad is it? It really depends on how much you drink and how often you do it. Plenty of studies have proven this over the years. (source, source, source)

If you have a few drinks it’s not a big deal, but if you drink until you pass out then your T levels are going to suffer.


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