Testicle Supplements For Testicular Enlargement, Improved Sperm And Testosterone

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Testicle supplements fall into two categories. Those that need to be cycled, and those that don’t.

This means that certain supplements must be rotated on a weekly basis, otherwise they’ll stop working by the time you take your second dose.

The exception being aminos and a few food based supplements that can be taken daily.

But every thing else needs to be cycled, because failure to do so will lead to tolerance, because your Negative Feedback Loop kicks in anytime you use a supplement too often…

And once this happens your body quickly starts making adjustments, and once these adjustments are made, the supplement simply stops working.

You may have experienced this yourself the first time you took maca, panax, or any other sex booster.

If you’ve ever dosed up on one of these and got hit with a massive sex boost, only to feel nothing the second and third time you used it, you already know what I’m talking about here.

So the trick is to manipulate your system so your body doesn’t have time to make these adjustments.

And fortunately, this is real easy to do…

You simply use each of your testicle supplements only once a week.

If you purchase seven different individual herbs, this will give you one supplement for each day of the week.

And all you have to do to make this work is avoid the temptation to take any one of them more often than once every seven days.

But this is where many men run into problems because they’ve been told over and over again that they need use a supplement daily for weeks at a time for it to do any good.

If you’ve fallen for this, you already know deep down inside that this theory is total bunk, right?

Because if it was true, all we’d need to do is buy one huge bottle of something and take it everyday for life and we’d be good to go.

But this system doesn’t work, because by day three you may as well be eating shoe leather because you’re going to feel absolutely nothing after you dose up.

So let’s take a look at an alternative to this plan that actually does work.…

Every single one of the supplements listed below are known for their ability to increase sex drive.  And any time sex drive goes up, you’re going to start creating more semen….

And this increased semen production is going to lead more hormonal activity inside your testis, both of which will result in larger testicles and increased ejaculation volume.

This is the way testicle supplements work if you use them correctly.

This list below was compiled by me based on my years of experience cycling them. 

And you’ll notice that there are no “Maximum Steroid Supreme!” type supplements with over the top packaging along with an over the top priced to match.

As a matter of fact, you can purchase an entire bundle of the 7 supplements below for the cost of one of these bottles of over priced – over marketed hype.

And these supplements will actually work, if you use them exactly as we discussed above.

Here’s the list along with the days that I suggest you use them:

So there’s the testicle supplements run down for you…

I suggest you use the information above to set up your rotation cycle and feel free to tweak and adjust based on your own schedule.

And the only rule you need to worry about is the 7 day gap…

So just make sure you take a full week off after you dose with a supplement and you’ll avoid tolerance issues altogether.

Can you increase your testicle size and performance and simultaneously improve sperm quality?

If you follow the plan, yes.

That’s all you need to do to make this plan work.

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