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5 Ways to Fix Inflammation to Jack Up Testosterone

turmeric in a jar to boost testosterone

With these 5 ways to fix inflammation, your levels of testosterone will significantly rise. And you will get this improvement without any of the pesky side effects that come with anti-inflammatory medications. So, how does that work? High levels of inflammation are often a factor in hormonal imbalances. And vice versa, a good hormonal balance […]

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How to Use Body Language to Increase Testosterone

Using body language to increase testosterone, is that even a possibility? Let’s get started with a simple example. A hormone is a molecule produced by the body, signalling a change in physiology or in behaviour. Moreover, hormonal changes are influenced by numerous cues: physical, social and environmental ones. For instance, cortisol is a hormone produced […]

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The Best 5 Minerals for Increasing Testosterone Levels

Before discovering the best 5 vitamins and minerals for increasing testosterone levels…let’s have a quick recap on the importance of T. Testosterone is a crucial male sex hormone – it’s essential for muscle growth, sexual function, fat loss and overall health. Nonetheless, T levels have been declining significantly over the past decades. Now, more than […]

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How Effective is a Testosterone Booster?

Whether it’s due to age, excess weight or disease, low testosterone levels are no fun. They promote all sorts of ailments but the most common out there are: a lack of libido, difficulties to built mass and strength, metabolic disorders, sperm production decline, and eventually, way more serious conditions. So to avoid going there, can […]

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