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Does High Testosterone Lead to Premature Ejaculation?

Does high testosterone lead to premature ejaculation ?

First of all, know this: about 20 to 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation (aka PE).

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

In most cases, premature ejaculation can be treated or it can be managed very successfully.

So, if you are here, it means that you are wondering if high levels of testosterone can lead to premature ejac’s.

Well, it can (and I will shorlty explain why) but it’s not the only thing that can lead to PE, far from it.

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Common Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Let’s go back to the basics.

Premature ejaculation means that a man tends to ejaculate quickly after penetration without no control whatsoever.

Which can lead to distress, which can in turn amplify this pathology.

It’s one of the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men.

And there’s two major types of PE:
  • Lifelong Premature Ejaculation: This type of PE affects young man when they become sexually active. It’s origin is primarily physical. As such, it’s managed rather than cured.

  • Acquired Premature Ejaculation: Unlike lifelong premature ejaculation, acquired PE develops later in life and can be usually treated. However, in some cases, management will be needed and it will most likely lead to sucess with a combination of medicine, specific exercises and/or therapy.

It’s important to acknowledge that men with Lifelong PE are just born this way. Management is an absolute necessity to obtain a satisfying sexual life.

Nonetheless, in the case of Acquired PE, it can be treated in most cases.

So, if you found yourself in the latter case, know that in all likelihood, you will be treated sucessfully.

Most cases of Acquired Premature Ejaculation are the result of anxiety (performance anxiety).

For this type of PE the treatment is a mix of therapy and specific erectile exercises.

Additionally, other kinds of erectile dysfunction can lead to PE. In such cases, treating the cause of the erectile dysfunction will also treat the PE.

Finally, heavy drinking, prostatitis (an inflammation of the prostate), heavy masturbation and thyroid troubles can also cause PE.

Consequently, making sure to find the cause is essential to treat the condition efficiently.

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Does High Testosterone Lead to Premature Ejaculation?

One would think that higher levels of testosterone could only mean a better overall health and more manliness, right?

However, not unlike low levels of testosterone, high testosterone levels can also be troublesome.

Testosterone is a crucial actor in sexual activity. Accordingly, it plays a large role in regulating libido and certain enzymes, two things that are very important for the erectile process.

There are several studies suggesting that high testosterone levels could contribute to the onset of premature ejaculation.

For instance, The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study where they found that testosterone played a facilitatory role (makes it easier) in the control of ejaculations.

Furthermore, men suffering from PE showed higher levels of T, while men with low testosterone were more prone to suffer from delayed ejaculation. (1)

This find was confirmed by other studies – showing that men with PE had a tendency to have higher levels of free testosterone (testosterone levels readily available for the body to use).

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Men with PE caused by high testosterone can easily treat their condition by normalising their levels of testosterone.

Nevertheless, if high testosterone is the result of the use of illicit steroid drugs, stopping might be enough to treat PE. If not, don’t wait and consult your GP (doctor) as soon as possible.

Interesting Fact: A drop of – or insufficient – estrogen in men (the main sexual female hormone found both in women and men) can also lead to erectile dysfunction such as PE and low libido.

Thus, a healthy balance of both testosterone and estrogen is crucial for optimal erectile control. (2)

In other words, a little bit of a “dad bod” could be beneficial to your sexual life (a little bit… because a big daddy body can lead to high oestrogen levels, which aren’t good news at all for your hormonal health).

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This article “Does high testosterone lead to premature ejaculation ?” was written by Michael King.

(1) Different testosterone levels are associated with ejaculatory dysfunction. Corona G, Jannini EA, Mannucci E, Fisher AD, Lotti F, Petrone L, Balercia G, Bandini E, Chiarini V, Forti G, Maggi M. J Sex Med. 2008

(2) Gonadal Steroids and Body Composition, Strength, and Sexual Function in Men. Joel S. Finkelstein, Hang Lee, Sherri-Ann M. Burnett-Bowie, J. Carl Pallais, Elaine W. Yu, Lawrence F. Borges, Brent F. Jones, Christopher V. Barry, Kendra E. Wulczyn, Bijoy J. Thomas, Benjamin Z. Leder. The New England Journal of Medicine. 2013

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