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How to do Kegel Exercises for Hard Erections?

If you’re wondering how to do Kegel exercises for hard erections, you’re in the right place?

These exercises were originally developed to help women tighten up their vaginas after childbirth.

Fortunately, they also happen to be useful for us men!


Because Kegel exercises were designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

By doing them regularly, you’ll improve the quality of your erections, orgasms, avoid incontinence and on top of all of that, it might even enlarge your penis.

So, how do you do Kegel exercises for hard erections?

Origins of the Kegel Exercises and Sciency Bits

These exercises were created by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 40s to improve the strength of the pelvic muscles of women after giving birth.

However, as it happens, they useful for men too.

Unlike women, we don’t have to think about childbirth and we should probably feel thankful for that.

Kegel exercises are more useful for our sexuality and more specifically, the health and hardness of our penises.

They can also improve performance in bed.

And all of that is the result of reinforcing a single muscle, the pubococcygeus muscle, which is also known as the pelvic floor muscle, or pelvic muscle for short.

I’ll stick with the latter for obvious reasons.

Regardless, the pelvic muscle is pretty similar in both genders.

It stretches from the tail bone to the pubic one, creating a curved muscle floor.

Moreover, this muscle supports the pelvic organs, also assisting the sphincter functions (very useful for gracious poops).

Unlike other penile exercises, Kegel exercises contract and strengthen real skeletal muscles, the pelvic muscles.

Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are incredibly beneficial to improve both men and women sexual lives. Let’s take a look at those benefits in detail.

Kegel exercises can improve:

  • Your pelvic floor muscles. The direct result of that is harder erections! (1)
  • Your hard erections. They will last longer thanks to an improved blood flow.
    Your ejaculation load and force. Additionally, that will make your orgasm way more intense!
  • The size of your penis! During sexual intercourse, your penis will appear larger when erected!
  • The control of your ability to orgasm. Thus, improving your sexual performance.
  • Urinary issues. Actually, they can cure urinary incontinence by strengthening the muscles that support your bladder. (2)
  • Your sleep. After a while, many men don’t need to have a nocturnal splash mid-sleep.
  • Your prostate’s health. Moreover, they often used to treat prostate related disease like prostatic hyperlasia or prostatitis.
  • On top of that, they will prevent pelvic organs prolapse.

These exercises are recommended by doctors and sexual professional alike.

Often referred as “sexercise” for the multitude of benefits provided. There is literally no reason to not start straight away.

Although, you might want to know how to do them now… so how to do Kegel exercises for hard erections and many more additional benefits?

How to do Kegel Exercises for Hard Erections?

Kegel exercises are fairly simple, you just need to do the following at your own rhythm and progressively, increase the difficulty.

  • First and foremost, start by contracting the muscle that controls your urinary flow (aka pelvic muscle). Count to ten and then, release (without peeing obviously). That may be strange at first but with regular practise, it will make sense. When you’ll know this muscle intimately, you’ll be able to do this on demand, without any risk.
  • Similarly, you can use a piece of fabric on top of your erected penis and focus on moving it upwards and then, down, while contracting your pelvic muscle. Count to ten and release. This exercise will also get easier with practice. As you know, practice makes perfect.

After either exercise, relax your muscles entirely and count to ten.

A minimum of 4 series of 10 repetitions (you can split between the two exercises or chose a single one) per day is necessary to see a real improvement.

Progressively, you will be able to increase the number of contractions – when it gets too easy.

You will eventually observe a real power with every single contraction.

Therefore, this will also allow you to feel the blood flowing towards your penis. Imagine!

That’s when your erections will get as hard as they can and for a while!

If you are struggling, it might simply due to the fact that your pelvic muscle is really out of whack, you’ll need to persevere and be patient!

Alternatively, you might have low testosterone levels – to improve them you can lose belly fat or/and increase your diet with certain nutrients, like Vitamin D (a must for testosterone production)!

Kegel Exercises for Erections Conclusion:

In conclusion, Kegel exercises are no myth, they really work if you are willing to make them work for you.

It won’t happen tomorrow but with wilfulness and regular practice, you’ll be able to see the benefits soon enough!

Your sexual life will be greatly improved and if you share them with your other half, it won’t hurt either! It’s time to start. Now.

If you think you may have low testosterone levels, read this article to see if this is really the case.

This post is written by Michael King.

(1) The importance of the Kegel exercises for the erection of the male and female erectile organs (male and female penis). V. Puppo1, J. Abdulcadir, A. Mannucci, L. Catania, D. Abdulcadir. Sexologies. 2008. (2) Pelvic floor exercise versus surgery in the treatment of impotence. Claes H, Baert L. Br J Urol. 1993.

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