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More Symptoms Of Low T in Men – Test Yourself For Low Testosterone

If you find yourself saying Yes more often than No to the low testosterone test questions below, chances are high that you have low- t.

You may not answer yes to all of them, but if you reply in the positive to most, you very likely have low-t.

Here’s the Low Testosterone Test:

1: Are you irritable and moody?

Irritable Male Syndrome is a term used to describe hormonal driven mood swings that are typically brought on by high cortisol and low levels of testosterone.

When a man is in this hormonal state, things that would have normally not bothered him in the slightest, all of a sudden set him off.

And this negative behavior is often directed towards his partner, where passive aggressive behavior, or a quick temper replaces the old happy you.

But some men respond differently and instead of lashing out they clam up, stop communicating and become sad and depressed.

If you’ve noticed these changes in your behavior, you may have low testosterone.

2: Have you experienced a decrease in ejaculation volume?

Your seminal vesicles, vas deferens, and ejaculatory ducts must have adequate levels of testosterone to function properly.

And when your T levels fall too low secretions from all three of these will decline, resulting in a noticeable drop in ejaculation volume.

If you think you may have this problem, I suggest you run the teaspoon challenge to find out exactly where you stand.

3: Have you lost your sex drive?

A man with optimal levels of testosterone should wake up on most days feeling frisky and ready for sex.

He should also be spending time looking or thinking about women and sexual activity at least once every waking hour.

If you haven’t and you’ve experienced a noticeable decrease in sexual frequency with your partner as well, you very likely have low-t.

4: Has your erection frequency and quality has declined?

Your erections are androgen dependent, so the lower your testosterone goes the more your erection frequency and quality will decline.

In the days before Viagra and the other erectile dysfunction drugs, testosterone was the go to treatment for ED, because T attacks the problem at the source.

There are exceptions to this rule, as vascular problems can cause ED as well, but in many men low-t is the problem.

5: Have you put on fat and lost muscle?

Your muscle mass is androgen dependent as well and when testosterone levels drop your muscle begins to disappear.

Once this happens, estrogen levels quickly begins to rise, often leading to tissue growth around the breasts, which is one of the biggest clues that your hormones are headed in the wrong direction.

This hormonal shift is the leading cause of testicular atrophy in men, so if you notice your testicles shrinking just as fast as your muscle disappears, low testosterone is the likely culprit.

Low Testosterone Test- Part 2

The five symptoms of low testosterone above are the most blatant; and you should put more weight on these than the ones I’m about to list.

Most of the items below could be described as advanced symptoms; so you may still be affected by low testosterone even if these problems haven’t hit you yet.

That being said, if you don’t take steps to remedy your low testosterone problem, they’ll eventually catch up with you.

Here’s the list…

1: Have your bones become brittle?

2: Have you lost half an inch or more in height?

3: Do you have hot flashes or night sweats?

4: Do you find yourself crying at the movies?

5: Have you lost your ability to concentrate?

6: Has your sense of humor disappeared?

7: Do you have suicidal thoughts?

8: Are you losing body hair?

9: Have you developed type 2 diabetes?

10: Does your beard not grow as quickly as it used to?

11: Are you having problems with your prostate?

12: Do you have less motivation and zest for life?

13: Have your red blood cell counts dropped?

14: Are you often tired, lethargic and fatigued?

15: Do you have less self confidence?

16: Has your memory started to decline?

17: Do you often fall asleep in the early evening?

18: Has your fasting blood sugar gone up?

19: Do you have a hard time ejaculating during sex?

20: Does your penis not respond normally to stimulation?

These last two items are clear signals that your testosterone has bottomed out because penile stimulation and orgasms during sex should happen automatically; even in a man with lower than average testosterone levels.

If these symptoms, or several others in the low testosterone test above apply to you; it’s important that you take steps to rectify the situation.

You can start by downloading this (no charge)


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