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Average Size Testicle – How To Increase Your Package Size

The average testicle size is just under two inches from end to end…

And a little more than an inch in diameter.

But these numbers don’t really tell you too much…

Especially if you eat tons of soy or slather chemicals all over your body every morning.

Because habits like these will shrink your testicles way down below their potential.

So I’ve come up with an alternative method for measuring  xmas-ball-bagtesticle size.

One that measures your genetic potential….

Not some some artificially low number that’s not even close.

I call it the teaspoon challenge.

Here’s how it works:

When you can ejaculate a full teaspoon of semen with a thick, pasty consistency….

You score an A.

If that semen is thin and watery, but you still hit the teaspoon benchmark..

You score a B

If you fall short of the benchmark, but the semen is still thick and pasty..

You score a C

If you fall short of the benchmark and your semen is thin and watery…

You score a D

If you ejaculate less than the size of a quarter, thick or thin….Unless…

You score an F


You’ve been sexually active that day – which takes us to our only rule in this challenge…

It must be done after 48 full hours of celibacy.

So no ejaculations for two days before running this test.

Average Testicle Size vs Testicle Potential

Now here’s where things get interesting when it comes to the average testicle size…

Once you score an A you’ll discover what your true testicle potential is!

Because an A means your testicles are maxed out and are operating at peak efficiency.

And this is an important piece of information…

Because it tells you exactly what your average testicles size should be most of the time.

But how do we you to this place?

Here’s one way to do it…

Primate studies have shown that males who have to compete for women have larger testicles than males who never have to compete.

If you’re single, you can start using this information tomorrow…

Simply start competing for single women.

But if you’re in a relationship, you need to get there in a different way..

I usually accomplish this by going after a sexual favor from my girl. Something unique, different and novel.

Even if I don’t score exactly what I want, I’ll get something.

And the planning of this activity alone is enough to get my dopamine fired up.

And remember, dopamine is a potent builder of sexual desire. ..

And your semen contains a LOT of it.

Dopamine also elevates the capacitation and motility of your sperm as you prepare for a sexual event…

And it pushes your testicles to increase semen production in concert with several other hormones, including…

Norepinephrine, oxytocin, vasopressin, testosterone, estrogen, follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones…

And all it takes to get these hormones firing at once is some sexual competition…

And you can sexually compete in this way no matter what your relationship status…

So get this going during your 48 hours of celibacy….

And I promise you, when you wake up on day two you’ll have some good news waiting for you.

You’ll also learn that average testicle size doesn’t matter that much at all.

What really matters is Your testicle potential.


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