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Why do I have a Weak Ejaculation?

Weak ejaculation and low semen volume have many causes.

Ejaculation is the result of several processes that all happen at once.

Therefore, each process can be impacted, whether it’s by your diet, your hormone levels, your general health or other more obscure factors.

If you have a low semen volume or poor ejaculations, you will need to figure out the underlying cause in order to make beneficial changes.

Do not worry, I’m here to help you understand the origin of your problem, so that you can figure it out and have healthy ejaculations.

So, what’s a healthy ejaculation?

It all starts with a good emission process that will load in the semen. Instead of firing a gun, you’ll fire semen!

Then, it’s about an automatic expulsion that creates a series of contractions.

For example, this part is quite similar to a sneeze, you can’t really control it once it starts. Additionally, there is the orgasm, which is more of a brainy process.

This is the easy explanation, now let’s delve into the main causes that can prevent that to go smoothly…

Low Testosterone can cause a Weak Ejaculation

Testosterone is our main male hormone and it plays a crucial role when it comes to ejaculation.

Low T levels can cause a low ejaculation volume and can also delay it (a delayed ejaculation means that a guy needs extra stimulation before he can come). (1)

Also, low T can cause a mountain of different problems…

Gynecomastia (man boobs) and other related conditions due to high amount of female hormones.

Metabolic issues, a higher risk of diabetes, low libido, an increased difficulty to have hard erections, a decrease of bone and muscle mass.

Depression, an increase of body fat, lethargy and much more…

If you suspect that you have low T, book an appointment with your GP and read our articles to boost T naturally.

If you smoke weed, learn about the relationship between Cannabis and low T here.

Excessive Wanking can cause a Weak Ejaculation

Who knew that too much masturbation could be a bad thing? Well, it is!

If you use your noodle too often, your body might not be able to replenish your semen stock fast enough.

No matter how healthy we are, we can’t withstand several good ejaculations every single day!

Moreover, too much wanking also depletes hormones, some neurochemicals and nutrients.

Obviously, they too need to be replenished before a second round.

The condition caused by excessive masturbation is sexual exhaustion.

On top of that, if you watch porn or use mental fantasies to get hard, you could also get psychological issues that could seriously impact your sexual life.

To remedy to this, there is only one solution and it’s drastic. You will need to stop jacking off for a bit and save your “juice” for your other half.

To conclude, if that’s your problem find solace in the fact that this is not a problem that will impact your health!

If your erections are weak, start doing regular Kegel exercises for harder erections. Click here to know more about them.

Diabetes can cause a Weak Ejaculation

If you suffer from diabetes, you are at risk (you have diabetic family members) or suspect the beginning of type 2 diabetes, the following is really important.

Diabetes can cause a condition called retrograde ejaculation. Which means that the semen doesn’t come out and goes into the bladder instead.

The condition is also called a dry orgasm – it won’t cause harm but it will be impossible to conceive if the semen never gets into a vagina.

A study found that 1/3 of men with type 2 diabetes had retrograde ejaculations. If you suspect this may concern you, get checked ASAP. (2)

This condition can also be the result of MS (multiple sclerosis), a spinal cord injury, certain medications, surgery on the bladder or prostate and a few rarer suspects.

Chemicals can cause a Weaken Ejaculations

Certain chemicals, known as endocrine disrupting chemicals, can cause infertility issues.

Additionally, they also increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and even cancer!

However, where are they found?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in human-made pesticides, food contaminants, some hygiene products, many foods packaging, etc.

Indeed, that means you are in contact with them without knowing it. We all are!

Fortunately, we can reduce our contact to those chemicals.

Firstly, avoid buying food that comes in plastic containers (yes, that means you’ll have to cook but what do you prefer, great sex and cooking or shit sex and easy food?)

Secondly, you will have to consider buying organic produce as much as you can.

That also includes organic hygiene products who use safe plastics or glass containers.

Also, you can wash your vegetables and fruits with a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar to eliminate superficial residues.

This will help reduce your exposition to harmful chemicals.


There are many things that can cause a weak ejaculation.

Nonetheless, most of those can be improved upon – by improving your diet, your physical condition, making sure your hormones aren’t out of whack, controlling diabetes and any other medical condition you have.

To be healthy, you have to make sure that you keep yourself accountable when it comes to these things.

Although, if this article didn’t get you adequate answers, get an appointment with your GP or a sexologist to get more pertaining information.

Check this out: discover how you can have bigger loads…naturally!

This article was written by  Michael King.


(1) Different testosterone levels are associated with ejaculatory dysfunction. Corona G, Jannini EA, Mannucci E, Fisher AD, Lotti F, Petrone L, Balercia G, Bandini E, Chiarini V, Forti G, Maggi M.J Sex Med. 2008.

(2) Retrograde ejaculation and sexual dysfunction in men with diabetes mellitus: a prospective, controlled study. Fedder J, Kaspersen MD, Brandslund I, Højgaard A. Andrology. 2013.

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