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How to Have Bigger Loads Naturally

Are you looking to have bigger loads naturally, whether it’s to impress yourself and your other half?

Well, you’re not the only one.

Many of us are fully invested into a quest to become as manly as one can be.

For instance, I have been looking for plants, foods and tricks that could help increase my semen volume.

Some of the stuff I’ve tried failed monumentally while others were arguably comical and thankfully, some made an actual improvement.

Thus, I can give you tips that may be helpful to make YOU shoot bigger loads. I can’t promise a massive load but a real visible improvement.

Let’s start, shall we?

Why Do We Want to Have Bigger Loads?

I personally believe that vanity plays a big part into the why and you would probably agree.

Nevertheless, there are real benefits that come with a bigger production of semen besides the spectacular ending.

Let’s have a look…

Bigger loads can improve orgasms!

A big ejaculation will make your orgasm more intense.


During climax (or orgasm) various muscle groups contract simultaneously to ejaculate the semen that is resting in your testicles.

The larger the volume of semen, the more contractions you’ll need. Consequently, every extra contraction adds extra pleasure. Not only will your orgasms be better but they will also last longer! And that’s also a benefit for your partner!

It can really impress your partner.

There will always be something or someone to clean after sex.

However, girls will be far more impressed by a powerful ejaculation that makes them feel like we have been that turned on to finish spectacularly. It definitely beats the dribbling ejaculation.

You will feel more manly and vigorous.

Do you remember your first times? That feeling of sexual power and virility that came when you ejaculated a wonderful load?

Well, I do and I lost it, and got it back again! You can too!

You will improve your fertility.

The quality of sperm cells aren’t the only factor of male fertility, semen volume is also important.

If you are looking to make 1 + 1 = 3 then you will need to increase your semen volume.

Additionally, you will need to improve your sperm count and quality to increase chances of conception.

Because sperm count is by far more important than the load and yet, both are essential.

Now that you know more about the benefits, let’s look at the natural products that can help you get there!

If you want to know why you have a low semen volume, I invite you to read this article.

How to Have Bigger Loads Naturally – Products

In my opinion, plants worked the best in increasing my load and so did, an improvement of my diet and lifestyle.

My diet is now cleaner and greener, and I exercise several times per week (cardio & weight lifting).

I can honestly say that supplements help but so does a healthy lifestyle. Remember that.

Here are the supplements that were the most helpful in my quest for bigger loads:


Maca – or Peruvian Viagra – is a plant originally from the Andes mountains, in South America.

The Incas used it long before us to increase libido and energy levels.

Maca’s effects on increasing semen volume have been studied and proved but maca is also good to improve sperm production.

For best results, choose the black variety of Maca and a standardized version (with a minimum of 0.5% of macamides and macaenes).

Maca isn’t called the Peruvian Viagra for nothing, it really works! (source)

Horny Goat Weed

I think the name says it all, well not quite! Horny goat weed is an excellent addition to Maca.

As a matter of fact, you will often find brands of supplements associating these two ingredients.

Horny goat weed is an extract that comes from a plant called epimedium.

Its active ingredient, icariin, is known to increase blood flow and therefore, to improve the blood coming towards the penis which results in stronger and longer erections.

Horny goat weed doesn’t directly impact semen volume but it definitely extends erections and somehow made me shoot bigger loads.

So, for all the extra benefits and a bigger load, I’d say it’s worth it!


I never heard of pygeum until I actively researched ways to increase my ejaculation load.

I really, really don’t regret finding it. Pygeum is a tree bark that is usually taken to shrink the prostate.

Nonetheless, its effect on the prostate and as a sexual tonic did also help my loads! (source)

Pygeum is excellent to increase your pre-cum volume.

Just make sure to go for a 100mg tablet daily of a standardized supplement (with a minimum of 25% of phytosterols).


Lecithin is an essential fat for the health of your cells. It can be found in egg yolks and soybeans.

This supplement has been used to treat various disorders from dementia to liver disease, high cholesterol, anxiety and much more.

Taking lecithin is good to improve overall health but a “side effect” not commonly known is that it also improves semen volume greatly and thus, orgasms!

For best results, it’s recommended to take 3,600 mg of lecithin twice a day. Honestly, your semen will be way thicker and your loads will definitely impress!

To have bigger loads naturally, I would highly recommend trying a couple of those at a time and then, evaluate your own results.

You can, at a later date, combine what really works for you.

Don’t forget, supplements can really help you achieve bigger loads naturally but if you want optimal results also work on your diet and lifestyle!

To improve your ejaculations, you can also boost your testosterone levels!

Update – More Ways to Achieve Bigger Loads

The truth is that there are plenty of herbs and supplements out there that can help you have bigger loads and higher sperm counts.

There are even more supplements out there that are proven to increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone is critical for maintaining big loads and high sperm counts. The science confirms it.

In one study done on feral adult male sheep during mating season, researchers discovered that there was a strong positive correlation between testicle size and testosterone levels.

In that same study, the team was able to show that animals with larger testicles had increased sperm production compared to those with smaller balls. (source)

A study done on 1,000 adult male humans found similar results. Data from this study showed a strong positive correlation between testicle size and sperm production. (source)

That means the larger the your balls are, the more sperm they will produce. The best way to increase the size of your balls is to increase you T levels.

With all that in mind, let’s look at a few more supplements that can help you achieve bigger loads and increase sperm counts.

Mucuna Pruriens

This one also goes by the name velvet bean. It’s very common in the traditional Indian herbal medicine practice known as Ayurveda.

Why should you care about this bean? Well, it’s been proven to increase sperm volume and quality as well as raise testosterone levels.

In one study of adult men who were given consistent doses of Mucuna Pruriens over 90 days, semen quality was shown to improve across the board.

Both infertile and fertile men were tested in this study. After the 90 day test period, the infertile men showed a massive 688% increase in sperm volume. Among the fertile men, sperm volume increased by about 35%. (source)

Another study on this herb had very similar results. The study was done in much the same way, with doses of Mucuna Pruriens seed powder administered to fertile and infertile men regularly over 90 days.

Results of this study found that T levels increased by 38% in infertile subjects and 27% in fertile subjects. Semen quality was also shown to improve for both groups. (source)


This supplement comes from an Indian herb called Coleus Forskohlii. If you’ve heard of it before from TV’s Dr. Oz, let me reassure you that it is not a scam.

While Dr. Oz did make some crazy (and downright false) claims about this supplement’s potential for weight loss, there are real benefits to taking it.

The main benefit you’ll get from it is increased cAMP levels. This is basically a “messenger” compound in your cells that tells your body to produce more hormones – like testosterone.

Scientific studies have confirmed that Forskolin can massively increase testosterone production.

One study found that Forskolin increased T levels in isolated testicle cells by nearly 200%. (source)

Another study, this one on adult human males, found that after 12 weeks of Forskolin supplementation, T levels increased by 33% compared to a control group. (source)


This is another herb that’s commonly used in the Indian herbal medicine practice known as Ayurveda.

There are some pretty outlandish claims out there about this herb – but there is science behind it too.

In a double-blind placebo study from 2012, subjects in the test group were given a dose of Ashwagandha daily for 60 days. Results showed that the herb lowered cortisol levels by 27%. (source)

Why is this important?

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body when it is placed under stress, whether physical or emotional. Cortisol also blocks the production of testosterone.

Another very similar study found that Ashwagandha cut cortisol levels by 32% among test subjects. This study also confirmed that the herb can improve semen quality. (source)


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