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Larger Balls, Muscle And Confidence In A Man

larger balls confidenceGetting Larger Balls & Building Muscle

Hi Mark,

I’ve been using your course for two months and have almost doubled the size of my testicles; although they were pretty small to begin with.

I thought that larger balls would give me more confidence with women; but I still have all the same fears I did before I started this.

I’m still a virgin at 22 years of age and have always had a thin, almost feminine body, very little facial hair and a higher pitched voice; so I’m not the most masculine guy out there.

Any tips you could give me to take this to the next level would be appreciated.




Hello Ash,

You’re never going to be the most masculine guy in the room due to your genetics, but you can still be a bass ass.

For example, when I was in high school I played water polo with a guy who had to wear braces on his legs as a kid, because he was born bow legged.

The braces worked to a certain extent, but he still walked funny.  He also had a speech impediment and he wasn’t the best looking guy either.

But this dude was motivated, especially once he hit the water, because when he was in the pool, the playing field was leveled, and his handicap was a handicap no more.

And since he was no stranger to adversity, he took to the brutal sport of water polo, and quickly began to dominate.

This guy was so tough, his opponents were afraid of him. You could literally see the fear in their eyes once he started to get worked up.

Funny thing is, if you saw him walking down the street that first year, you’d never know this information, because he still looked the same.

But a transition was taking place inside this young man, and by the time he hit his senior year, he was a barrel chested, tan, muscular dude, with a slight limp that didn’t matter anymore.

He also had a girlfriend.

This guy’s transformation was so radical because he found his element.  He carefully selected a environment where he could excel, dominate, and build his body and his self confidence both at the same time.

So here’s the deal Ash…

You’ve got the larger balls now, which means you’ve also got the hormones, so now it’s time for you to find your element.

And my gut tells me that place is your local gym.

Because nothing will build you up faster than an extra 15 pounds of muscle; and if you work hard, it can be yours in a matter of months.

If I were standing in your shoes, this is exactly what I would do.

Because action is what makes a man feel good about himself; and this action always needs to be directed toward your weakest point.

You’ve got the large balls locked and loaded; and all you need to do now is get the rest of your body to catch up; because your physical appearance is clearly your biggest weakness.

Fix this problem, and you’ll gain something else that’s even more important – Self Confidence.

A trait that no woman on this planet can ever resist.

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