Testosterone and Confidence

testosterone and confidenceTestosterone and confidence are inseparable, and you’ll rarely find a man who’s missing out on one, who still has plenty of the other…

Because testosterone makes you more confident.  And when you’re more confident, your testicles produce more testosterone.

As a matter of fact, researches have demonstrated that all you need to do is place yourself into a power pose to get this process going…

So if you enter a crowded room with your shoulders back, hands on your hips, and a smile on your face, you’re going to get the hormonal support you need to back that stance up.

But the reverse is also true…

And if you walk into that same room with slumped shoulders, a scowl on your face, with your eyes looking down at the floor, you’ll be given no testosterone. You’ll be fed stress hormones instead.

So always walk the walk, even when you’re not feeling it.

How Can you Lose Self Confidence

I knew a guy when I was in my early twenties who looked just like Robert Redford, back when Robert was in his prime.

When we’d walk down the street together, girls would literally stop in their tracks and look at him, he was that good looking.

But for some odd reason, he was really insecure.

So even though he had the looks, he couldn’t hang onto a girl for more than a few weeks. And each failure slapped his self worth down even more.

At the same time, I knew another guy who was the exact opposite of Robert. He was overweight, balding and wore thick glasses.

But this guy thought his stuff didn’t stink. His perception of himself was seriously warped, and he honestly believed he was the catch of the century…

And guess what?

So did the ladies, so even though he was no prince charming, he always had women around, and good looking women at that.

So here’s the take home…

Your perception of yourself determines your reality, and if you change that perception, you’ll create a brand new reality for yourself.

And you can make this happen quickly.

How you Gain Self Confidence With Testosterone

As we discussed in section one, you gain self confidence by acting like you have it, even when you don’t.

And you can take a short cut to this destination by using a technique that an old boss of mine taught me several years ago.

I was a 26 year old photo copier salesman going out on my first round of cold calling appointments, in one of the most brutal sales jobs in existence.

Things were so bad, I’d walk up to a business and see a sign on the front door that read, No Photo Copier Salesmen Allowed!

This was rejection on steroids.

But my sales manager was a wise man, so he didn’t just cut me lose to be ripped apart by a herd of hostile secretaries.

Before I hit my first door, he pulled me aside and asked me when and where I felt the most confident.

I told him I always felt sure of myself at the gym where I played racquetball, especially after I’d just won a match. He told me to place that image in my brain, then take that feeling with me when I went in to make my first cold call.

And that’s exactly what I did…

I strode into that office, walked right up to the secretary and popped the question, just as confidently as if I were asking for her hand in marriage.

Will you take my photo copier?

And she replied with… that’s very probable, yet highly unlikely.

This was a bit of a mixed message, but at least she was talking to me, instead of showing me the door.

By the time I left, I found out that they needed a new copier, but didn’t have the budget for it until the following quarter.

Two and a half months later, they were the proud owners of a brand new 450Z Minolta Photocopier, sold to them by yours truly.

That sale, and the hundreds of others that followed, never would have happened if I hadn’t hit that door with racquetball on my brain.

I was walking the walk long before I had any business doing so, but that’s all that really mattered.

And this mental transfer, from a situation where I truly felt confident, to a situation where I felt anything but, worked out better than I ever could have imagined.

Funny thing is, my buddy with the balding head and the thick glasses could have taught me this lesson three years earlier, if I’d only been paying attention.

But at least I know now, and these days, when I’m feeling insecure, weak or small, I think of a place and a time where I feel big, bold and sure of myself…

And that’s all it takes to boost my confidence and the testosterone that always comes along with it, right back up where they belong.

“Fake it until you make it” is a phrase that we overuse, but it’s the damn truth.

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