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The Cause of Testicular Atrophy

100 Reasons Why Your Testicles Are Shrinking – testicular atrophy

Are you looking for the cause of the testicular atrophy that’s afflicting you?

Read through the list below to discover what may be causing Your testicles to shrink.

  1. You work around chemicals
  2. You spend a lot of time in hot tubs or jacuzzis
  3. You’re using one or more prescription medication
  4. You regularly wear tight polyester shorts or underwear
  5. You haven’t downloaded my free testicle enlargement ebook
  6. Your wife or girlfriend is the dominant person in your relationship
  7. You abuse alcohol
  8. You’re eating very few foods high in fat-soluble vitamins
  9. You wear cologne
  10. You live or work in a city with lots of air pollution
  11. You’re dealing with money stress
  12. You have insomnia
  13. You work the midnight shift at work
  14. Your wife or girlfriend recently divorced or dumped you
  15. You have sleep apnea
  16. You’re dominated by another male at work
  17. Your body fat levels are too high
  18. You’ve replaced meat with soy-based protein in your diet
  19. You haven’t dumped your conventional cosmetics
  20. You masturbate excessively to internet porn
  21. You’ve been fired or demoted at work
  22. Your keep your cell phone in your pocket near your package
  23. You’re regularly exposed to diesel fumes
  24. You’re a vegan
  25. You have insulin resistance, high blood sugar or diabetes
  26. You rarely exercise
  27. You’ve stopped waking up with early morning wood
  28. You’re a long distance marathon runner
  29. You suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or depression
  30. You regularly sleep 9 hours or more at night
  31. Your job is extremely stressful
  32. Your wife or girlfriend has recently cheated on you
  33. You don’t have sex at least once a week
  34. You’ve stopped hanging with the boys doing man stuff
  35. You have cardiovascular disease
  36. Your doctor has put you on testosterone replacement
  37. You have cirrhosis of the liver
  38. You’ve been diagnosed with gonorrhea or syphilis
  39. You’re over the age of 40
  40. You have Klinefelter’s syndrome
  41. You have an inguinal hernia
  42. You’ve been exposed to high-dose radiation
  43. You’re having undescended testicles
  44. You have a varicocele vein inside your sack
  45. You have hypertension
  46. It’s been a long time since you’ve had great sex
  47. Your wife or girlfriend is pushing you down
  48. You have Cushing’s syndrome
  49. You have chronic inflammation
  50. You’re a former or current steroid abuser
  51. You have substantially less muscle than you did 5 years ago
  52. You haven’t addressed your food allergies
  53. You’ve used propecia to prevent hair loss
  54. You’re undergoing treatment for prostate cancer
  55. Your girl is always the one who initiates sex
  56. You’ve suffered a recent public humiliation
  57. You’ve recently lost a business or filed for bankruptcy
  58. You’re the low man on the totem pole at work
  59. It’s been a long time since you’ve achieved a big win in life
  60. You’ve suffered a testicular trauma (leads to testicular atrophy)
  61. Your testosterone to estrogen ratio is out of whack
  62. You have arteriosclerosis
  63. Your girl earns the cash and you’re a stay at home dad
  64. You exercise to burn calories and not to increase anabolism
  65. You eat fast food 3 or more times a week
  66. You’ve recently had the mumps
  67. You have very low levels of testosterone
  68. You have no passion in life
  69. You’re not lifting any heavy weights
  70. You regularly eat more carbs than you burn
  71. You have kidney problems or outright renal failure
  72. You’re not getting sun light and paint yourself with sunblock
  73. You’re spending 25 or more hours a week watching television
  74. You haven’t removed plastics from your environment
  75. You regularly handle thermal cash-register receipts
  76. Most of your food comes out of a can or a plastic container
  77. You use a pharmaceutical drug that contains estrogen
  78. You have Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  79. You’re having chronic anemia
  80. You drink water out of low quality plastic bottles
  81. You frequently quit in life when the going gets rough
  82. You’re often submissive and passive in the bedroom
  83. You’ve had vasectomy surgery
  84. You drink 12 or more beers a week
  85. Surfing the internet is your primary pastime
  86. You have sickle cell disease
  87. You avoid dietary fat because it’s “bad” for you
  88. You’ve stopped achieving big goals, you’ve settled
  89. You’ve never heard of the word xenoestrogen
  90. You have hay fever and use meds to control it
  91. You’re smoking tobacco products
  92. You binge drink frequently on weekends
  93. You’ve stopped competing in business and in sports
  94. You suffer from chronic pain
  95. Your diet is high in refined sugar and bleached white flour
  96. You haven’t dropped your Coca Cola habit
  97. Your significant other doesn’t respect you
  98. Your in-laws push you around
  99. You don’t respect yourself
  100. You haven’t Addressed The Cause of your testicular atrophy
The Cause of Testicular Atrophy -Conclusion:

Read through that list again!

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