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Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

signs of low testosterone levelsOne of the biggest signs of low testosterone levels in a man is loss of motivation to achieve things.

So the old you, who used to have big plans that typically involved women & sex – or accomplishment in business, school or sports, all of a sudden disappears on you.

So you wake up one morning with no motivation to go out into the big bad world and do things that make life more satisfying.

I actually remember the first time this happened to me…

I had landed a killer gig teaching blues harmonica seminars in cities across North America.

We had booked a seminar in Chicago, the birthplace of electric blues harmonica, where guys like Little Walter and George Harmonica Smith invented this new sound backing up the Muddy Waters Blues Band.

And we had some of the top harmonica players in Chicago coming in to teach this event, so I should have been really excited to get there.

But when my alarm went off telling me it was time to get dressed and go catch my plane, I didn’t even want to get out of bed.

This was like putting a kid in a candy store, only to have him walk out without taking a single bite.

Not good.

Of course, I didn’t wake up with an erection that day, and that was another sign that I was dealing with some serious low testosterone issues.

And that wasn’t the end of it for me, because these Low-T signals just kept piling up and pretty soon, it started to affect my relationship with my wife….

She thought I was no longer attracted to her because I had stopped initiating sex. And I compounded this problem because I was moody, irritable and extremely impatient…

So I’d been hit by Grumpy Old Man Syndrome, even though I was about three decades too young for that negativity.

I was trying to stay motivated to keep my body in shape, and I was using a ton of caffeine to inspire myself to lift weights.

I was still managing 3 lifts a week, but all of a sudden, the pumps wouldn’t stick. So I’d work out hard and wake up looking smaller and weaker the next morning.

This was another sign that my testosterone had gone down, because it takes plenty of anabolic hormones to build and keep muscle, and I was running way short.

But there was more coming…

I also lost my sense of humor. You don’t hear about this one much, but this is an obvious sign that something has gone way wrong in your hormonal world.

Because when you stop laughing and joking around, you can bank on the fact that your hormones have left the building.

My wit and reaction time when debating or conversing with someone took a hit as well, and I couldn’t have argued my way out of a wet paper bag even if I wanted to.

And that brings up another thing….

Your social life starts to shrink, because it’s way easier to say no and stay home than it is to go out and mix it up with other people.

And this decrease in social activity, along with everything else we’ve just discussed brings on the biggest life killing symptom of them all…


Because how could you be happy when your sex life, your erections, your motivation, social life, wit and sense of humor all check out on you?

The short answer is, you can’t.

And that’s why I Created This.

I suggest you use this e-course to treat your symptoms of low testosterone levels, so you can get your life back on track.

Because your happiness depends on it.


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