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Testicular Massage Technique For Testicle Health, Sperm & Testosterone

testicle massageUsing this testicular massage technique you can naturally improve your testicle health, improve sperm count and boost testosterone, all in one go!

As for me, I noticed all kinds of benefits once I started massaging my testicles…

But this one was the most interesting…

All of a sudden the odor around my genitals increased quite dramatically. Now, this may not sound like a benefit, but it actually is…

Because certain types of body odor are hormonally driven. And this was clearly a hormonal smell.

So this was a good sign! It seemed my testicles were producing more hormones. And this happened quickly. I’m certain this occurred because I focused on the method as much as I did the technique.

My method went something like this:

Hello Honey, I’m going to give you a back rub when we go to bed tonight. When I’m finished I’d like you to massage my testicles, OK?

This bargain accomplished two things for me.. For one, it turned a run of the mill testicle massage into a sexual event. And two, that sexual event did NOT end with an ejaculation. A situation that is certain to increase semen production in any man’s body.

Of course, the technique is very important too… And I’ve dedicated sections in my free book and in my enlargement course to this topic. But I’m still convinced that the method is equally as important as the actual technique is. If you don’t have a cooperative girl handy there is another way to get this going.

It should definitely be your plan B, but it does work. Pull up a testicle massage video on the web (trust me, they’re not hard to find). Then go through your routine while watching the video. Just make sure you don’t ejaculate. Develop this habit and you’ll boost semen production. And hormone production in your body… And your testicles will increase in size because of this habit. So I highly recommend that you do this.

Here’s are some suggestions for YOUR testicular massage:

Massage your testicles every morning before you get out of bed, but don’t make a big deal out of it. The female involvement or the video will come later. Just get the it going for a few minutes until you achieve a solid erection. Then move on with your day.

Next… Before you go to bed that night, do another 5 minute massage. This time with the girl or the video. And once again look at this as a sexual event. And go at it until you achieve a rock hard erection. Then wrap things up and go to sleep. This may not sound as exciting or glamorous as those Ejaculate Like A Fire Hose supplements found all over the web. But unlike the supplements, this technique actually works.

The testicular massage technique is highly effective, but it’s essential to know how to do it properly! Downloading my free ebook will help you get started.

Update – Benefits of Testicle Massage

The benefits of giving your ‘nads a massage are much greater than you might think.

Probably the biggest benefit is increase testosterone production. That in itself comes with a huge amount of benefits.

A regular testicle massage also brings other health benefits like increased circulation and can help you make sure your balls are healthy.

Recognize Potential Problems

If you regularly massage your testicles, then you’re probably very familiar with how they feel. That’s a good thing for your testicular health.

Ever seen those ads that pop up in April every year telling you to check your testicles for lumps?

They appear in April because that’s Testicular Cancer Awareness month. The best way to check for anything that could indicate a problem is to grab your nuts and feel around.

Getting into a regular testicle massage routine will help you notice anything that’s out of the ordinary. You’ll know right away when something isn’t normal.

Another really important reason to check out your testicles is to check for varicoceles.

A varicocele occurs when the collection of veins that connect each testicle to your body becomes blocked or partially blocked.

You can usually notice them right away because those veins will feel swollen.

Varicoceles are not life-threatening but they can result in some seriously negative side effects.

One study found that men with varicoceles showed lower testosterone levels and decreased sperm quality. (source)

Another study had similar results. Men with varicoceles were shown to have significantly lower sperm quality than a control group with no varicoceles. (source)

Improve Circulation

When you stimulate your testicles via massage, you are effectively giving them a light stretch.

Just like when you stretch your muscles, this light stretch increases blood flow to the area. (source)

Over time, a consistent testicle massage routine will result in increased circulation of blood through that area of your body.

That’s good news because improved circulation to your testicles comes with a wide range of benefits.

For one, it helps to keep your testicles from getting too hot. Studies have shown that human testicles can only produce testosterone and sperm when they are within a specific temperature range.

What happens when your balls get too hot? One study confirmed that heated testicles produced lower than normal levels of testosterone when compared to a control group. (source)

Maintaining healthy circulation in your testicles is also effective at preventing varicoceles from forming.

Increase Testosterone Production

Regular testicle massages help encourage your balls to produce more testosterone. This is directly linked to the increased circulation you get from doing these massages.

Increased blood flow from testicle massages can help you balls grow larger.

When your balls get bigger, they make more testosterone. This has been confirmed in a ton of scientific studies.

When your body is producing more testosterone, you get a massive number of benefits.

For one, testosterone helps you build lean muscle. (source)

It can also improve your mood and increase your confidence.

One study found that men with low T who were given a testosterone supplement showed a much higher sense of well-being with much lower levels of irritability and tiredness. (source)

Testosterone also helps make your face more attractive by reducing fat and chiseling your jaw.

One study found that men with higher T levels were consistently rated as more attracted by female participants. (source)


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