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Big Balls On Men And Women’s Reactions

Women notice big balls on men, whether they realize it or not.

If you don’t believe me, situate yourself in front a fertile female sometime and start up a conversation.

If she has a clear line of vision, trust me, she’ll take a peek.

Prior to the invention of polyester suits men left their family jewels exposed at all times.

So women evolved in an environment where visual access to a man’s reproductive potential was commonplace…

And remember, women are easily as sexually minded as men. And when it comes to sexual selection, they blow us out of the water.

What this means is, visual signs of reproductive fitness will always get her fires burning red hot, especially around ovulation time.

This is a fact, because a woman’s primary job according to nature is to breed successfully…

And for this breeding to be successful, her offspring need to be of supreme health and fitness; otherwise, they won’t survive.

This may have changed in today’s world where modern medicine can keep just about anyone alive, but her genes haven’t gotten that memo yet.

So anytime she sees a blatant sign of sexual fitness, her juices are going to start flowing…

And subconsciously, her body will begin preparing for a sexual engagement with the man flashing those reproductive signals.

She can’t help this, even she wanted to.


A woman will look for several other clues that a man has the genetic stuff to pull this reproduction off, but none is more important than big balls on a man.


Because if a guy has big balls, he’s going to have quite a few other things going for him…

From muscularity to strong healthy bones, he’ll be projecting his sexual fitness from a mile away.

Testosterone women

Funny thing is, all healthy women respond like this, even those in long-term relationships who have no plans to make babies.

I get lots of emails in my business, but at least once a week I hear from a man whose girl reached down for feel and noticed that the rocks were feeling a little bigger.

And if you don’t believe that your girl is constantly sizing your package up, you’re living in the dark.

If you’d like to give her a nice surprise in a few weeks, it’s very possible. The only question you need to ask yourself is – how bad do you want it?

Update – Benefits of Bigger Balls on Men

There are more benefits to having big balls than just what you (and your lady) see on the surface. Sure, size looks good and gets her going, but there’s more to it than that.

There’s actually some pretty solid science behind why bigger balls are better.

It all comes down to testosterone. Increased production of testosterone is closely tied to bigger balls – and that in itself has a lot of benefits.

One of the biggest sexual benefits of higher T levels is increased sperm production and better sperm quality. The science backs that up too.

In a study done in Scotland in 2011, researchers studied the relationship between testicle size and testosterone levels in a feral population of Soay sheep.

Yes, sheep – bear with me here for a minute.

The findings of that study were clear as day. Researchers found a strong positive correlation between the size of an animal’s testicles and the levels of testosterone circulating through their bodies.

Data showed that the animals with the largest testicles had more that two times higher levels of testosterone that those with the smallest testicles.

In that same study, the researchers were also able to link larger testicle size with increased sperm production. (source)

This is far from being the only study on this in the animal world. Numerous studies have shown that larger testicle size is a good indicator of increased sperm production and better sperm quality.

Over the years, researchers have come to this conclusion when studying bulls (source), deer (source), ducks (source), and many other animals.

In another study, this one done on humans, researchers studied over 1,000 infertile men to determine the relationship of testicle size to sperm production.

This study found a significant correlation between testicle size and sperm production. Sperm counts decreased as testicle size decreased.

The conclusion: the bigger the balls, the more sperm is produced. (source)

Now let’s get back to what’s really on your mind – is she going to like bigger balls?

I can confidently say that the answer is yes.

Even if she doesn’t necessarily like the larger size of your balls, she will like the benefits of increased testosterone levels in your body.

That’s because women are attracted to men with the characteristics that come with high T levels.

One of the main things a women notices about you is your face – and that’s great news if you have high testosterone.

In a study from 2012, researchers found a positive relationship between testosterone and facial attractiveness. (source)

That’s because testosterone helps chisel your jaw, increase the size of your facial muscles, and reduce the amount of fat hanging around on your face.

There are a lot more benefits of high T levels too.

It helps reduce overall body fat levels, helps you build lean muscle, and improves your overall sexual health and performance.

What all of this is saying is that big balls come with big benefits.


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