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Hypogonadism and Testosterone Deficiency

hypogonadism and low testosteroneHypogonadism and testosterone deficiency are like two peas in a pod, because the lower your T; the lower your sperm production is going to be.

And less sperm is always going to lead to smaller testes.

But that’s not all you need to worry about because a man with low-t usually has too much estrogen in his body…

And that excess E is going to slap your testicles down even further.

Men is this condition are rarely firing on all cylinders, so they often lose their alpha position to their significant other…

So instead of being the dominant dog, they become a nagging victim; or even worse a beta behind the female in the house.

Of course, this leads to a reduction in rank and personal authority when he’s around other males; because a guy who’s outranked by a woman is going to have a hard time putting on the alpha once he leaves the house.

Now, let this trend continue for several years, then throw in a prescription medication or two; along with a few other testosterone killers and you’ve got a recipe for blatant hypogonadism that’s going to radically alter the course of your life.

You want to know something?

The paragraph above pretty much describes the average male walking around today.

And if you want proof, all you need to do is go out in public and have a look at the men around you.

Once you’ve done this, head home and take a look at the video below to see some men who have lived their lives much differently than you are now.

Do this and you’ll see some convincing evidence that modern society is toxic to a man and his testicles; and that severe testosterone deficiency is a sign of sickness and ill health, and not a normal part of aging.

In other words, this isn’t something that happens to all men worldwide automatically once they reach 30. It’s a condition that only affects men who are living outside the boundaries of what nature considers normal.

And anytime you cross these boundaries, you’re going to pay a very big price, because mother nature is an unforgiving mistress; and if you cross her you had better watch out.

Testosterone Deficiency – And the Laws of Nature

My inlaws live in New Zealand way out in the boonies.

No pollution, no stress, just green grass, clean water, locally grown organic food and plenty of fresh air.

When I go there, I leave my cosmetics at home and buy the products I need from local farmers who sell goods made from sheeps milk, bees wax and virgin coconut oil.

I get my raw milk from a local farmer who doesn’t inject hormones or use pesticide laden feed; he just gives his cows fresh water, grass and plenty of room to roam outdoors in the sunshine.

The meat I consume comes from animals that live the same lifestyle as these dairy cows do; and the produce I eat was never touched by an herbicide.

Of course, when you’re out in beautiful country like this you have a tendency to turn off the television and go outside and move your body.

So I spend very little time sitting on my backside or in the easy chair in front of the computer.

And it’s interesting, because when I’m there my sex drive skyrockets, and it happens every single time.

I’m certain this occurs because mother nature is a huge fan of clean food, sunshine, exercise, fresh air and an environment not loaded down with xenoestrogens.

And if you want your small testicles / testosterone deficiency problems to end, you need to become a huge fan of these things too.

Hypogonadism Statistics in the 21st Century

Primary hypogonadism is defined as a defect or disease within the testicles.

In a recent study titled: Prevalence of Hypogonadism in Males Aged at Least 45 Years, the authors found that 38.7 percent of the men studied had testosterone levels below 300 ng/dl.

And these low numbers came in despite the fact that 80 of their test subjects were using testosterone replacement products at the time.

They also found that these men were much more likely to be afflicted with other diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes and obesity.

And it will be no surprise to the regular visitors to this site that link between obesity and low-t was the strongest.

And this is bad news for many of you because a whooping two thirds of Americans are overweight and a full one third are classified as obese.

But this isn’t just an overweight – old man thing…

Longitudinal studies done in the United States have found that this decline in testosterone usually starts before a man hits the age of 30.

And each decade the decline continues, until he reaches his late 50’s when he’ll likely wind up with as muchestrogen in his blood as his wife.

Gonadal Hormones and Androgen Deficiency

Gonadal hormones are sex steroids, and the vast majority of these gonadal steroids are made inside your testicles.

These include Androstenedione, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, and last but not least the mighty Testosterone.

And these are the agents that fuel the development of your male sexual characteristics, such as your beard, body hair, deep voice, and the the overall size and volume of your testicles.

And here’s the punchline…

When you’re dealing with androgen deficiency, many of these male sexual characteristics can become blunted, especially if the female androgens Estradiol, Estriol and Estrone have taken over your system.

These feminine hormones aren’t bad in and of themselves, as a matter of fact, you need them to function at a high level sexually.

Problems only start to occur when your male to female hormones fall out of balance and err too far toward the female side of things.

So gonadal deficiency isn’t the only factor that leads to small testicles, it’s the combination of low male, along with  elevated female androgens that starts this process.

But there’s one more thing we need to discuss…

Estrogen, Sperm Production and Fertility

The last piece of the puzzle is your sperm production.

You see, your estrogen levels need to be within a certain range in order for you to remain highly fertile because when you fall out that range your sperm count declines rapidly.

So if you find yourself in this place, you’ll start producing much less semen along with the lower production of male androgens we discussed in the previous section.

And since sperm counts are falling in industrialized countries worldwide, it’s obvious that millions of men around the planet are walking around with too many of these female hormones.

And this condition is usually coupled with unhealthy blood levels of environmental estrogens; toxic manmade chemicals that act as very potent estrogen mimic’s.

What these chemicals do is bind to the estrogen receptors in your reproductive tract; including your testicles, leading to reduced production of healthy, active sperm.

So what you have now is lower levels of the male androgens; which include testosterone, elevated levels of the female androgens, including estrogen….

Along with unhealthy amounts of environmental estrogens that bind to your receptors; causing additional hormonal disruptions, reduced sperm counts and smaller sized testicles.

That’s the big picture, but this should give you a pretty good idea what you’re up against if you’re currently dealing with testicular atrophy.

So what’s the solution?

You don’t have to pack up and move out to the boonies in New Zealand; so no need to worry about that.

You just need to change several habits then start acting like a rural Kiwi; wherever you happen to be living now.


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