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Low Sperm Production And How To Improve Male Fertility Naturally

Do you have low sperm production?

If so, then you’ve got testicular atrophy as well because these two conditions go hand in hand together.

In a study published back in 2003 titled – Human Sperm Competition, Testis Size & Sperm Production, the researchers wrote….

“Testis volume was positively correlated with the number of sperm ejaculated”.

So according to this paper, big testicles ejaculate more semen than smaller testicles do.

These same scientists also discovered that monogamous men have undersized testicles when compared to men who have sex with multiple partners.

How to Improve Male Fertility – The Science

The researchers uncovered this information after recruiting 222 men, who after undergoing a physical evaluation, were given a questionnaire that included the following questions….

  • “Is sex without love OK in your opinion?”
  • “Is casual sex outside of an existing relationships OK?”
  • “How many different non-partner people have you had sex with?”

And men who were more open minded about sex outside of a relationship, and who actually acted on it were endowed with bigger testicles and more semen production.

The researches believe this increase in reproductive potential is brought on due to a concept known as Sperm Competition.

Here’s how it works…

Fertility and Sperm Competition

If two guys are breeding with the same girl, both of these mens testicles are going to rev up semen production to increase their chances of spreading their genes.

In essence, sperm competition has put evolutionary pressure on males, which has lead to increased testicle function in men who regularly compete with other males sexually.

Nature has pushed this concept so far that human men actually release a substance in their semen to reduce a females desire to mate after he’s inseminated her.

As a quick side note, you can emulate this sperm competition process by spending time away from your girl before you have sex with her.

This tactic is especially effective if there’s a little good natured jealousy involved, as this emotion will fire up your sperm competition machinery.

Moving on…

So we can definitely add monogamy to our list of low sperm production causes – but what other things do we need to worry about?

Well, diet is definitely a biggie. So are chemical exposure and having too much estrogen in relation to testosterone in your blood.

Exercise plays a big part too.

For example, long distance cardio suppresses steroid hormones and increases muscle wasting stress hormones, which leads to testicular atrophy…

But short and intense exercises like sprints have the opposite effect.

Excess body fat can impact sperm production as well so if your semen volume is low, there’s another thing you should look at.

And not surprisingly, the amount of muscle mass you carry will also impact your internal hormonal environment, and the more muscle you have, the better off you’ll be.

Low Sperm Production And Sleep

Another cause of low sperm production is insomnia because high quality sleep must happen nightly in order for your body to produce nocturnal hormones normally.

And it’s these night time hormones that repair and recharge your testicles while you sleep, and when quality sleep doesn’t happen you miss out on this hormonal windfall.

We also need to add vitamin D to our list, because your body uses this pro-hormone to synthesize steroid hormones, and if your D levels are low, you’re likely underproducing them.

And vitamin D isn’t the only nutrient that your testicles use to synthesize semen, as vitamins A and K are important players too, along with zinc, magnesium and iron.

Other semen killers include excessive masturbation, especially when the habit replaces sex with a real person, failure to compete in sports or business and use of drugs or prescription medications.

We can also add excessive alcohol consumption to this list, because booze will atrophy your testicles when you drink too much.

And here’s one more for you…

Low sperm production can also be caused by low levels of free testosterone in the blood because your testosterone must be free and unbound by carrier proteins in order for your body to use it to manufacture semen.

The sweet spot is 35 pg/ml, so make sure you never fall below that number because if you do, your semen production will start to decline.

How to Improve Male Fertility Conclusion

I address every single one of the issues above in my testicle enlargement e-course. (no charge)

So If you’d like a roadmap to follow that will help you fix your low sperm production problem…

I suggest you take a look.


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