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Small Testicles Causes And Testicular Atrophy In Men

Did you ever wonder what the small testicles causes are?

Well hang tight because I’m about to tell you what they are.

But First I Have A Question for you…

Do you check the size of your testicles every single morning?

To make sure your assets grew in size while you were sleeping? If not you should start.

Because if they didn’t grow while you slept, your testicles are broken.

In other words – they’re not producing testosterone the way they should be.

Because if they were…

They would have injected you with a massive dose of T between midnight and 5 am.

Your pituitary would have thrown some growth hormone into the mix as well…

And it’s these anabolic hormones that repair and recharge your testicles while you sleep.

This explains why men with properly functioning systems always wake up with good news. They got their nocturnal hormone release….

So their testicles grew in size while they were sleeping, avoiding all small testicles causes.

But lets assume you’re not one of these lucky guys…

Your testicles are small before bed. And not much changes while you sleep.

If this happens to you – you must be wondering what’s causing this malfunction?

Here’s one very good possibility…

Small Testicles Causes – Your Circadian Rhythms Are Off

If you’re looking for the cause of your small testicles and you sleep poorly, this is a very likely culprit.

Your circadian rhythms are off so you’re not getting enough deep, uninterrupted sleep every night.

This is a smoking gun for many men, especially men dealing with stress and high cortisol

So what is a circadian rhythm and how is it related to small testicles causes?

It’s the biological clock that synchronizes your light-dark cycles.

Here’s how it works:

When your clock is functioning properly you’ll go into a near coma every night…

And all your systems will slow way down which will allow your body to repair itself…

Anabolic hormones will be released. Sperm will be produced. And damaged tissue will be repaired or replaced.

And your testicles are right at the center of all this activity…

Because they produce 95 percent of the testosterone and 100 percent of the sperm.

This explains why this deep sleep cycle is so critically important to a man.

There are several things that block this rebuilding process.

Habits (that you can change) that prevent you from getting into this coma like state every night

One of the worst is exposure to bright artificial light just before bed time.


Because blue light sends a signal to your body that the sun is still shining which delays the advance of your circadian rhythms…

So when you go to bed, you can’t fall asleep quickly. 

And when you do finally sleep it’s shallow, topsy turvy and restless.

Now throw a little caffeine into the mix.  Along with some worry and stress…

And go to bed with all these things every night for weeks, months and years at a time…

And it’s no wonder you’re not waking up with a set of high functioning testicles.

You’re out of rhythm. 

The repair and replace process isn’t taking place every night as it should. And because of this, your testicles don’t grow while you sleep.


You may tempted to blow this information off because sleep isn’t sexy, fun or exciting…

There’s no fancy pills to pop that will help you to ejaculate like a fire hose.

But that doesn’t matter, but balancing your circadian rhythms definitely does.

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Drink your last caffeinated beverage no later than noon
  • Relax and de-stress before bed so worry doesn’t keep you awake
  • Exercise hard during daylight hours to burn off excess energy and facilitate sleep
  • Shut off the bright lights, the TV and the computer screen two hours before you hit the sack
  • Use white noise in your room to block out sounds that may wake you at night

Small Testicles Causes Conclusion

Remember that sunlight influences circadian rhythms more than anything else…

So spend a minimum of 15 minutes outdoors in natural sunlight every day.

Even if it’s cold bundle up and allow rays from the sun to enter your eyes and strike your retina.

So there you have it.

Develop these habits yourself and you’ll fall into a coma-like sleep every single night…

Sleep your testicles must have to function properly.

So make it happen.


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