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Is Having Small Testicles Bad?

From the Mailbag…

Hi Mark,

Is having small testicles bad? Are there some medical reasons why having larger testicles is preferable?


Hi Thomas,

Good question.

Small testicles are a signal that your reproductive system is not operating at peak efficiency.

They’re like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, if you will, demonstrating clearly that your hormones are headed in the wrong direction.

And bad hormone levels will have a negative impact on many things – things you’ll soon be experiencing first hand if your testicles are smaller than they should be.

So, if you want a simple answer to your question: is having small testicles bad?

The answer is a clear yes.

Read on to learn more.

Small Testicles And Ejaculating Less Semen

“The bigger the balls, the more sperm a man will produce,” according to professor of andrology Allen Pacey, who was recently quoted in The Telegraph, a respected British newspaper.

It’s a fairly simple idea, and it makes sense… even if you’re not a health expert who specializes in the biology of balls.

And remember…

There are a LOT of small testicles out there these days…

Which explains why 1 in 12 men seek fertility help – and 1 in 6 can’t get their lady pregnant when they want to.

If you can grow decent facial hair, have a deep voice and have well-developed musculature, it’s safe to assume that your testicles are in halfway decent shape…

As these are all signs of good testosterone levels and healthy testicles.

Or at least they’re signs that your testicles worked well at one time.


Semen production can fall off with age, especially if you don’t keep your testosterone levels high and your estrogen levels low.

Balance is the key with these two hormones.

As you probably know, your testicles are where you produce and store your semen. But size isn’t the only thing that impacts semen production.

Many other factors affect semen production and sperm count as well.

Still, it’s accurate to say that when two men have otherwise similar reproductive health, the man with the smaller testicles will ejaculate less semen when he climaxes.

Small Testicles Produce Less Testosterone

It’s right there on WebMD: Low testosterone leads to small testicles.

Another way to say this is that small testicles lead to low testosterone. It’s a catch-22, and both are symptoms of a body not performing at its best.

Over 90 percent of the testosterone running around in your body is produced in your gonads.

You need balls big enough to produce plenty of this crucial male hormone.

Testosterone is literally what puts hair on your chest, builds your muscles, boost the size of your testes (and your penis) and deepens your voice so you sound like a man.

It also leads to strong bones, better moods and greater energy when in balance with other hormones.

Oh, and did I mention that testosterone is responsible for your sex drive too?

And testosterone concentrations are usually 50 times higher in testicles compared to blood.

Then after age 30, testosterone levels can start to drop, your balls can start to shrink and sex can start to leave your life.

But this isn’t always a natural sign of aging.

It’s something you can correct, no matter how big your balls are now. And you need to correct it…

Because low T is not only associated with small testicles, but also…

  • Depression
  • No energy
  • No sex drive
  • Weak erections
  • Loss of muscle

And worse, not having enough testosterone can lead to heart disease, osteoporosis and even diabetes.

So if you have small testicles, you can do something about it. And you have to do something if you want to maintain your sex life, your vitality and your health.

Small Testicles Indicate High Estrogen

All men have estrogen in their systems, even though the hormone is associated with feminine characteristics.

All women have testosterone running around in their bloodstreams too.

This is normal.

But when your testes don’t produce enough testosterone, the estrogen that’s naturally in your body starts to take over.

You develop feminine characteristics like breasts, a condition called gynecomastia.

This overall situation is called estrogen dominance, and it shouldn’t happen in healthy men.

In fact, in a pair of recent studies where men were given high doses of estrogen as part of medical treatment, the majority of the subjects experienced testicular shrinkage.

The punch line to this not very funny joke is clear: high estrogen causes small testicles.

And yes, small testicles cause high estrogen.

It’s another catch-22. Higher than normal estrogen, like low T, can cause a variety of problems for men, including:

  • Fat gain, including breast growth
  • Infertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Prostate issues, including risk of prostate cancer
  • Increased risk of stroke

Having small testicles doesn’t always mean you have a high estrogen count, but more often than not this is the case.

If you do have more estrogen than is healthy, there are several natural methods to reduce your estrogen levels.

Is Having Small Testicles Bad: Conclusion

So let me say this again to be completely clear: Is having small testicles bad?


That’s because small balls can mean you aren’t putting out enough sperm, don’t have enough testosterone in your system, and have too much of the female hormone estrogen coursing through your veins.

But don’t believe quite everything you read.

There are many articles online that say you can’t do anything about the size of your gonads. But that’s just wrong.

You can make your testicles bigger using a variety of natural methods that are easier than you might imagine.

Bigger is possible.

And you can make those big boys work better too.

When you take care of yourself and take consistent action, you can have a healthier body, better sex drive, better sexual function – and have the balls to do whatever you want with your life.

Update – Natural Ways to Make Your Testicles Bigger

Now as I said, low-T and small testicles are part of a vicious, self-defeating cycle. But you don’t just have to sit there are let it happen.

There are plenty of practical, natural ways you can raise your testosterone levels and make your balls bigger. And many of them are completely free!

The catch here is that in order to see results with any of these methods, you need to stay disciplined and get into a habit. If you don’t stick with it, you won’t get the benefits.

So let’s review a few of the best ways to grow testicles naturally.

Use Natural Care Products

The truth is that there’s some nasty stuff hiding in many of the personal care products we all use daily. Everything from soap to toothpaste is potentially full of harmful endocrine disrupting and estrogen mimicking chemicals.

Why is this bad? Anything that disrupts your endocrine system is going to mess with your body’s testosterone production. And anything resembling estrogen is going to lower your T levels.

Parabens are a common chemical found in many cosmetics, soaps, shaving creams, toothpastes, and moisturizers. They are estrogen mimicking chemicals known as xenoestrogens and have been shown to respond to estrogen receptors in the body. (source)

Phthalates are another bad one found in many personal care products. Studies have shown that these chemicals can significantly lower T levels in men. (source)

Drink Less Alcohol

Believe it or not, alcohol has a serious negative effect on testosterone levels.

Ever heard the phrase “whiskey dick” before? There’s a reason this is a thing – alcohol can make it difficult for your to rise to the occasion because it crushes your T levels.

There is a ton of science to back this up too.

Studies have shown that heavy, consistent alcohol consumption can significantly lower testosterone levels in men. (source, source, source)

But let’s be clear – you don’t have to give up alcohol entirely.

While this would have immense health benefits, it’s not totally necessary to maintain healthy T levels. One study found that consuming the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine only lowered testosterone levels by about 8 percent. (source)

So moderate alcohol consumption won’t be too bad, but heavy use will have a serious negative impact on your T levels.

Drink More Water

It’s a well-known fact that we need water in order to live.

Most of us drink enough to get by, but that’s not quite enough. Even mild dehydration can have a negative impact on your testosterone levels.

There is plenty of science behind this too.

Studies have shown that mild dehydration of about 2% of your body mass can significantly raise your cortisol levels, when can cause lower T levels. (source, source)

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. When your body gets stressed out because it doesn’t have enough water, cortisol levels increase.

Why is this bad? Studies have confirmed that elevated cortisol levels can lower testosterone levels in men. (source)

Check Out More Resources

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to natural methods for raising T levels and increasing testicle size. There is plenty more you can do.

Check out this article for some more proven, natural methods to grow your testicles.

Diet is also crucial for optimizing T levels. Check out this article for a list of my top foods to increase testicle size.


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