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How To Make Your Testicles Bigger

If you need to know how to make your testicles bigger then the following information will certainly be of interest to you.

A guy contacted me a while back with a fascinating problem…

He’d been noticing a yellowish colored discharge leaking out of his left nipple.

When I told him that the discharge was milk, he wasn’t too happy about the situation, to say the least.

He found me via this site, so I asked him about the condition of his testicles….

Of course the news wasn’t good because a man has to have a lot of estrogen circulating in his blood stream to produce milk.

And estrogen levels this high will always lead to testicular atrophy; and it turns out he was dealing with a pretty serious case.

So we’re going to use this man as an example today; of what not to do if you want to make your testicles bigger.

Let’s run down the list…

How To Make Your Testicles Bigger (Avoid These 3 Mistakes)

Mistake number 1: He’s a Big Time Soy Lover

As a matter of fact, soy is his primary protein source. So I sent him a link to a study done on marmoset monkeys.

In this trial they took several sets of twins and fed one a soy formula, and the other a cows milk formula.

After 45 days they tested these animals and found that the soy fed monkeys had testosterone levels 53-70% lower than the group given cows milk.

And keep in mind…

A 53-70 percent decline will swing the estrogen floodgates wide open because E levels always climb when testosterone levels go down.

Mistake number 2: He’s Celibate


Nothing will atrophy your testicles faster than this.

This one isn’t too surprising, because really high estrogen combined with really low testosterone doesn’t do much for your sex drive, aside from kill it.

He didn’t make a conscious decision to become celibate, he just has zero prospects in the female department, which makes perfect sense.


Because an estrogen dominant man with weak testicles doesn’t normally spend too much energy pursuing sex, because the motivation just isn’t there.

In this situation the right arm often takes over the duties, which only makes the problem worse.

Mistake number 3: He Uses Alcohol to Ease the Pain


The link between alcohol consumption and estrogen production is direct, blatant, and irrefutable.

Several studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that alcohol increases the conversion of testosterone into estradiol in human males.

In one trial, normal healthy men were given alcohol for 4 weeks…

And T levels began an immediate downward trend and continued to fall throughout the entire study period.

This occurred because alcohol is a potent testicle toxin when taken in excess.

And the testosterone deficiency it brings on causes feminization in a man, including the development of breast tissue.

But there’s another hormone we need to discuss to complete this picture…

Prolactin is the hormone all mammals produce when it’s time to let down milk to feed a newborn child.

Testosterone Risks

And guess what?

Alcohol can lead to a condition called hyperprolactinemia, defined as the excessive production of prolactin.

And if you’re drinking too much, you can count on the fact that this is happening inside you.

And here’s the death blow…

When you take unnaturally high levels of prolactin and combine them with unnaturally high levels of estrogen…

You mimic the hormonal state of a breastfeeding mother – even if you’re a man!

If you want to make your testicles bigger; I suggest you take some clues from our unfortunate subject and work hard to maintain the hormones your body uses to fuel testicular growth…

And work just as hard to keep the female hormones that fuel breast development down where they belong.

I suggest you start by downloading this for no charge – it’s totally free.

Update – More Mistakes to Avoid

I really only scratched the surface in part 1 of this article. There are tons of other things that can cause your testicles to shrink.

The worst part is that many of them are directly related to things that most men do daily without even thinking.

If you want bigger testicles, then you need to stop doing things that lower your testosterone levels. Making a few simple changes can reap big rewards (pun intended).

Mistake number 4: Testicles Get Too Hot

Ever noticed how your scrotum hangs lower after a long hot day outside?

Or how it shrinks up close to your body after you get out of a cold pool?

This is totally natural. It’s called the cremasteric reflex. This is your body’s way of trying to keep your testicles at the optimal temperature.

There’s a good reason why it’s critical to maintain this optimal temperature.

If your balls are too hot, they won’t produce testosterone.

This isn’t just a theory. It’s been verified by science.

One study on rats found that by heating the testicles to temperatures above 41 degrees Celsius, testicle weight plummeted and testosterone production was reduced.

This study concluded that heated testicles do not secrete testosterone as effectively as they would at normal temperatures. (source)

To keep your balls cooler, wear loose-fitting clothing and underwear. If you’re comfortable doing it, ditch the underwear altogether. Taking a cold shower now and then helps too.

Mistake number 5: Harmful Chemicals in Your Body

These days, chemicals are all around us in nearly every product we use daily.

A lot of these seemingly harmless products are hiding substances that are seriously harmful to your testicles and your testosterone production.

One of the worst chemicals that you’re probably exposed to daily is triclosan.

This chemical is an endocrine disruptor and a carcinogen. It’s so bad that it was banned in the EU back in 2010. In the USA, Minnesota has also banned this chemical.

How bad is it? Here’s some science on the subject.

One study on rats found that triclosan exposure significantly reduced testosterone levels as well as other crucial thyroid hormones. (source)

Another study looked closely at the effects of this chemical on the Leydig cells – that’s where testosterone is produced in your testicles.

This study found the same thing as the rat study. By dosing with triclosan, testosterone production was suppressed and overall T levels decreased. (source)

Triclosan is found in a staggering amount of personal care products including antibacterial soaps, toothpastes, deodorants, shaving creams, cleansing wipes, and shampoos.

How do you avoid it? Try switching to natural care products and don’t use antibacterial soaps.

Mistake number 6: Poor Sleep Habits

It’s been proven that sleeping more increases testosterone levels. If you typically sleep less than 5 hours per night, then your testosterone levels are probably suffering.

In one study, a group of men who slept about 4 hours per night were shown to have less than half the testosterone of men who slept around 8 hours. (source)

Another study on the subject came to the same conclusion.

In this study, about 530 men were tested under similar sleep conditions. The group that slept just 4 hours a night had 60% less testosterone in their bodies than the group that slept for 8 hours.

The researchers concluded from their data that each extra hour of sleep per night resulted in about 15% higher T levels. (source)


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