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High Estrogen Levels and Small Shrunken Testicles

Are high estrogen levels related to small or shrunken testicles?

Yes, definitely.  Let me explain…

Men with prostate cancer are sometimes given estrogen in an attempt to treat the condition.

And we know exactly what happens to these men’s testicles after they’re given estrogen, because two groups of scientists have looked into this….

Group one documented that the estrogen caused paucity of germ cells, vacuolation of sertoli cells and a reduction in the number of leydig cells.

And just so you know, all three of these cells live inside your testicles and they’re responsible for spermatogenesis, testosterone production and sexual development.

And this study demonstrated that estrogen had a strong Negative impact on all three.

Estrogen and Testicular Atrophy

The second group of scientists found that estrogen caused rapid Testicular Atrophy along with drastically reduced sperm production after only 21 days.

So if you’re wondering if there is a high estrogen-small testicles connection, the answer is YES.

And this is no surprise because estrogen controls many bodily functions and most of them have have to do with reproduction and development of sexual characteristics.

Woman have breasts and ovaries because they manufacture a lot estrogen and men have pecs and testicles because they do not.

But this can change quickly in a man, because when he has too much estrogen, he’ll often grow breasts just like a woman, while his testicles waste away at the same time.

And we have more studies that demonstrate this.

In one of the most interesting, the testicles from five male to female transsexuals, which were removed during sex change surgery, were examined….

And remember, male to female transexual patients are given high doses of estrogen in order to make them more feminine.

The scientists noted that the seminiferous tubules, where germination, maturation, and transportation of sperm cells takes place, had atrophied and shrunk in size.

Further testing showed that these men had extremely low levels of male sex hormones as well.

And this is exactly what you’d expect because testosterone and estrogen are in constant competition, so when one is up, the other is usually down.

So if you have high estrogen & small testicles, now you know what you need to do – bring your estrogen down, so your testosterone can go back up again.

High Estrogen Levels and Small Shrunken Testicles Conclusion:

One more thing I need to mention before we wrap up here….

You may be tempted to try and boost your testosterone using one of the testosterone replacement products currently on the market, but that’s a very bad idea because this will only drive your estrogen up even higher.

Not only that, but when you take in exogenous testosterone from an outside source, via injections, gels, patches or creams, your testicles will shrink in size and they will also soften and change in shape.

This happens because once the testosterone comes in from an outside source, your testicles don’t have to make the hormone anymore, so just like an unused muscle, they begin to atrophy.

You can get a prescription for human chorionic gonadotropin to try and prevent this, but then you’ll be using two prescriptions.

Stay this course long enough and you’ll eventually have to add a third to prevent the testosterone from converting to estrogen, via aromatization.

I’ve been in contact with hundreds and hundreds of men who have make the mistake of going on T replacement and to a man that have all lived to regret it, so make sure you avoid this mistake.

So lets summarize what we’ve learned so far:

1: High estrogen causes your testicles to shrink.

2: If you have high estrogen you probably have low testosterone as well.

3: To avoid testicular atrophy, testosterone must regain dominance in your system.

4: Hormone replacement will boost T levels but it will not fix your testicular atrophy.

5: To regain true testosterone dominance your T must be made by the leydig cells in your own testicles.


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