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Do probiotics increase testicle size?

Can probiotics increase testicle size?

Can probiotics increase testicle size? As some of you know, gut health is raging in the mainstream media and scientific community. And with good reason, we are discovering that our tiny gut passengers can actually do a lot of positive things for us. Moreover, there is also a specific gut bacteria that seems to interact […]

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Alcohol and Sperm Production


When it comes to alcohol and health, you hear a lot of different opinions: “Any alcohol at all harms mental and physical wellness.” “Alcohol in moderation does no harm.” “Daily alcohol helps many aspects of health.” “Drinking is okay if you don’t drink to drunkenness.” “I love you guys! Let’s do more shots!” The thing […]

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Smoking and Small Testicles

The truth about smoking and small testicles will shock most men. In the article below you’ll discover how tobacco is related to both low testosterone and embarrassing testicular shrinkage. You already know smoking is terrible for you. It makes you smell bad, screws up your mouth, lips and throat, wrecks your cardiovascular health, and can […]

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Testicular Shrinkage & Testosterone Therapy

Does testosterone therapy really result in testicular shrinking? And can a man really reverse the harmful effects of TRT and increase the size of his testicles? Well, first of all, testosterone therapy for men is intended to be a low-impact solution for various symptoms of low testosterone, including mood swings, lower energy leves and reduced […]

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Is Having Small Testicles Bad?

Small Testicles

From the Mailbag… Is having small testicles bad? Are there some medical reasons why having larger testicles is preferable? Thanks Thomas Hi Thomas, Good question. Small testicles are a signal that your reproductive system is not operating at peak efficiency. They’re like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, if you will, demonstrating clearly that […]

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Small Testicles After Steroids

Steroids shrink testicles package

It’s common knowledge that taking anabolic steroids can be a shortcut to bigger, more defined muscles. But there can be a dark side that’s hidden from view. Often, those big inflated muscles come at the cost of testicles that have deflated and shrivelled like raisins! This is known as testicular atrophy. So if you’ve suffered […]

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