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Low Testosterone Facts:10 Common Symptoms of Low T

signs of low testosterone If you feel like you’ve lost your physical, sexual and mental potency, you may have low testosterone.

Because T is the fuel that drives these things and if you aren’t making enough, your potency in all these areas is going to decline.

So take a careful look at the low testosterone facts below, and as you go through the list take note of  how you stack up.

Once you’re finished you’ll know if you have a problem.

1. Are you seeing fewer spontaneous erections?

Especially in the wee hours of the morning between 3 and 6 am?

If so, there’s your first clue something’s not right because testosterone should always come out to play first thing in the morning…

And if yours is not, you’ve got a problem.

2. Have you noticed a decrease In strength?

When your testosterone levels go down, you get weak all of a sudden because you need testosterone to make muscle…

But you also need muscle to make testosterone.

This explains why every smart man I know has made a life long commitment to pumping iron.

And so should you.

3. Are you having motivation problems?

When you start to lose your T you’re going to feel like you’ve dropped the caffeine habit cold turkey.

So take that bleary eyed, unmotivated man you are before your first cup of joe and extend that out over an entire day and you’ll know what a real low T problem feels like.

4. Do you have low sex drive?

I’m going keep this one short:

If you’re not thinking about it. Dreaming about it. And figuring out ways to get more of it at least once once every waking hour…

You’re levels aren’t where they should be.

5. Are you passive in the bedroom?

If you spend more time on your back than you do on top, you’ve definitely lost some mojo.

And if you’re doubting me think back to your earlier sexual engagements when you had an abundance of testosterone.

Back then you were almost always in the drivers seat, right?


A high T man is not a passive man, especially in the bedroom.

6. Are you not as competitive as you used to be?

A hormonally primed male competes for resources, not because he has to, but because he wants to.

And he goes after the things that count like money, women and achievement.

And if you’ve stopped pursuing these things, chances are high your T levels aren’t where they should be.

7. Have you lost status?

If you find yourself climbing down the social ladder, especially when you’re in the company of other men, you likely have a problem…

Because when your tank is empty it’s much easier to fade into the background and take up a beta position than it is to mix it up with the alphas.

This shift in hierarchy is one of the most telling clues that things have gone wrong in your hormonal world, so keep a close eye on this.

8. Do you have a belly you can’t seem to lose?

A man with excess belly fat is going to convert testosterone to estrogen at a much higher rate than one who doesn’t have an oversized gut.

And this shift creates a vicious cycle because the higher your estrogen gets, the more gut fat you’re going to accumulate.

And the only lasting solution to this problem is to create an optimal balance between male and female hormones in your body.

Once you do this that gut fat will melt away like an ice cube on a hot summer day.

9. Are you less optimistic than you used to be?

Optimism, humor and a positive outlook on life are key hallmarks of a man with plenty of testosterone.

But when your juice goes, all this stuff disappears and is replaced with things like irritability, pessimism and a negative mindset about the future.

This shift in behavior is easy to miss because it usually comes on slowly, but if you start paying attention you’ll know if you’ve been affected.

10. Have you experienced a noticeable decrease in testicle size and weight?

Not much explaining to do here, since we both know what this condition will do to a man.

So let’s cut to the chase….

If you can claim ownership to this symptom and you answered in the affirmative to two or more of the other low testosterone facts above, you need to take action to rectify the situation because you very likely have a low t problem.

Click here to get started

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