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5 Vasodilators for Hard Morning Wood

You came here to find natural vasodilators for hard morning wood, don’t look any further!

If waking up in the morning is already a bit of an unpleasant experience after hearing the dreaded alarm clock (or little birds for you fancy people)…waking up to no morning wood isn’t going to make it any better, right?

The phenomenon referred as morning wood is actually called nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT).

NPT is associated to rapid eye movement sleep – REM sleep. Before this phase of sleep, your brain shuts off certain neurotransmitters in order to regulate your body and to prevent you from moving when you are dreaming.

Norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter involved in the control of erections causes vasoconstriction – aka blood restriction – of penile blood vessels. Thus, this prevents your penis from having an erection. (1)

However, once REM sleep starts, norepinephrine levels decrease and testosterone related business starts. Thus, the lovely process of vasodilation starts (increased blood flow) and this ultimately causes an erection – aka morning wood or morning glory.

So, when nothing happens…it’s time to take matters into action!

Discover 5 natural vasodilators for hard morning wood…every single morning.

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5 Natural Vasodilators for Hard Morning Wood

Leafy Greens

Let’s start with a natural vasodilator that you can eat daily (and you should!) Besides the obvious goodness of leafy greens (rich in minerals and vitamins), they also happen to be potent fighters against erectile dysfunction (ED).

For example, spinach and kale are very strong natural vasodilators. Eating those daily will improve your overall blood flow by thinning it out.

Moreover, spinach contains high amounts of nitrates, a substance that boosts Nitric Oxide (NO) levels. NO is a gas that is responsible for boosting the oxygenation of your blood flow and therefore, improving it.

So, make sure to eat ALL of your greens to get hard in the mornings and… evenings!


Besides being delicious, pomegranates are also packed full with antioxidants, compounds that (among many things) reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Additionally, this joyous fruit reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.

But that’s not all, pomegranates are ergogenic vasodilators, which means that they help boost stamina and physical performance by improving blood flow.

A study has shown that they can enlarge blood vessels diameter, boost blood flow and make you last longer in bed! (2)

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin can be found in some specific foods and can also be synthesised by the body through sunlight exposition.

In the northern hemisphere, many people are deficient in this very important vitamin. And a deficiency in vitamin D can lead to poor blood vessel and arterial function.

Even in healthy people, a lack of it can stiffen arteries and prevent blood vessels from relaxing. This can lead to ED, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

To make sure you get enough of it, take a supplement between October to March of vitamin D3. And when the sun is out, get as much skin out as possible in the sunshine for 20 minutes and after that, it’s sunscreen time!

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Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract comes from the seeds of red wine grapes. They are mainly used as a dietary supplement. However, grape seed extract is also a natural vasodilator.

A study revealed that it effectively lowered blood pressure, in people suffering from metabolic syndrome. And in a study done on rats, it showed that NO levels rose by an incredible 138% with grape seed extract! (3)

While more research needs to be done on grape seed extract, it’s safe to say that the results are extremely encouraging!


There’s more for grape and wine lovers!

Resveratrol is a compound found in grapes, raisins and red wine. It’s packed with strong antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals and reduce the damaging effects of age, environment, disease, etc.

In addition, resveratrol is a very decent natural vasodilator.

It naturally increases nitric oxide levels, activating and relaxing muscles, in the body and of course, within the penis.

Associated to grape seed extract, this compound is a great tool to fight ED and help your morning wood comeback!

5 Natural Vasodilators for Hard Morning Wood – Conclusion

Now that you know effective natural vasodilators for hard morning wood. Try them out and see what works the best for you.

Nonetheless, refrain from trying everything at once. Just try one or two synergistic products at once and respect the instructions provided. For instance, don’t do a two months cure if it says to only take it for a month maximum.

The lack of morning wood – and generally speaking, erectile dysfunction – could indicate an underlying issue, such as low testosterone levels, blood flow issues or another disease.

Furthermore, if the problem persists, it’s highly recommended to consult a professional as soon as possible. Your GP (doctor) or a sexologist will advise you on the best course of action to resolve the problem.

Until next time, be safe, stay healthy, have sex and make it fun!

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This article was written by Michael King.

(1) Physiology of Penile Erection and Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction. Robert C. Dean and Tom F. Lue. Urol Clin North Am. 2005

(2) The effects of pomegranate extract on blood flow and running time to exhaustion. Eric T. Trexler, Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, Malia N. Melvin, Erica J. Roelofs and Hailee L. Wingfielda. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2014

(3) Effects of grape seed polyphenols on oxidative damage in liver tissue of acutely and chronically exercised rats. Belviranlı M, Gökbel H, Okudan N, Büyükbaş S. Phytother Res. 2013

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