Is Penile Girth Important?

Penile girth, is that a factor we should worry about when having sex? Especially, when it comes to women* and our own pleasure?

On a personal note, I have understood that a lot of women do appreciate a “minimum” girth to have pleasurable sex and eventually, enjoy a good strong orgasm. However, preferences can vary depending on the woman in question. After all, no woman is the same!

When it comes to science, some studies have indicated that girth could indeed matter but more so, when it comes to one-night stands than actual relationships.

And what about us?

Does the girth of our your trusty sword have an impact on our own pleasure?

Let’s have a look at what really matters when it comes to the length and circumference of your manhood.

Does Penile Girth Matter for Women’s Pleasure?

Okay, let’s chill for a minute and start with a positive study for us…males.

Researchers from the Groningen University Hospital in the Netherlands created a questionnaire addressed to sexually active women, asking them whether the size of the penis is proportional to sexual prowesses. The main idea was to divert the conversation from the masculine stand-view, one that is overly dramatised by the media and many businesses.

Unsurprisingly for myself, and maybe surprisingly for others, over the 170 questionnaires that have been returned; 20% women found that length was important, 1% very important, 55% unimportant and 22% absolutely unimportant. So, those are very encouraging stats when it comes to length but what about penile girth?

Well, women who found girth important had mostly the same opinion than with length. Nonetheless, length is usually less important than girth.

But at the end of the day, even if a considerable amount of the women interrogated found that the size of the penis mattered, they are still… the minority. (1)

Now, that makes me hopeful! It’s not all about size…or is it?

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Does Penile Girth and Length Matter that Much? Period.

There’s actually a fair amount of studies on the subject – which clearly tells us that the subject is of interest for many rather than a few. Well, obviously.

But not all studies are necessarily reliable. For instance, in research the methodology is everything and many of the studies aimed at decrypting women’s preferences in the penis area aren’t up to scratch.

Nevertheless, some have discerned interesting points. For example, Shannon Leung, who was an undergraduate research assistant back then, said that longer penises may lead to cervical pain. Thus, not a very comfortable position for a woman. So, if you worry about your length, be glad not to be on the other side of the spectrum!

Leung and other researchers went on studying the matter further and found that indeed, women’s preferences can affect men’s physical self-esteem and thus, can affect sexuality. When it comes to penile girth, most women do prefer a slightly chunkier willy than the average but not necessarily a longer one. (2)

Okay, so if you are average or less than average in that department, where does that leave you?

Do you know WHAT to drink to last longer in the bedroom?

WHY Size Isn’t Everything

When it comes to feminine anatomy, length or girth independently doesn’t do the trick to get to great pleasure and climax. It’s a combination of factors that make it work.

For instance, many women do enjoy deep penetration but some don’t. And by itself, it’s certainly not enough. A long and thin phallus (aka penis) that simply bangs against the cervix wouldn’t give much pleasure.

Because there is a major factor when it comes to a woman’s pleasure and that’s to physically acknowledge the whole pleasure zone. Namely, the two inches around the entrance of the vagina (yes, outside of the vagina), the very important clitoris and well, depending on the woman, many other inconspicuous parts of her body (e.g. behind the ears, the bottom, hips, etc.).

Indeed, that requires a fair amount of exploration to find what makes someone “tick” but that’s the whole fun of it!

So, if you are struggling to pleasure a woman and yourself in the process, try the following tips:

♦ Whether it’s a one-night stand or a partnership, try to find a healthy emotional connection and once, you have found it, stay in it. For one-night stand, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want a relationship. However, it does mean you respect the person you are being intimate with.

Explore the body of your partner, if you aren’t sure about something, ask for guidance. There’s no shame in not knowing everything. Also, most woman find it attractive!

♦ Listen to the body of your sexual partner, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. So, either ask if everything is okay or try a softer, more caring approach.

Listen to yourself, if there’s something you don’t enjoy, don’t hesitate to let her know. It goes both ways!

♦ Use your tongue and fingers…don’t know how to? Well, experiment…gently! You know what I mean. 😉

♦ Moreover, if your partner or one-night stand doesn’t have an impeccable hygiene, nudge her delicately towards some foreplay under the shower. And then, go back elsewhere, water and natural lubrication aren’t compatible on the long run.

So, that’s it for me. Now, game on, it’s your turn to get sexy times way, way sexier! Have fun!

Have you ever thought about trying nettle root (in a non prickly and itchy way) to improve sexual performance?

*Disclaimer: This article written by myself, Michael King, is destined towards straight men. I am afraid I do not know enough about gay sex to write about it and whether penis circumference matters for men. Therefore, for more on the subject, keep on searching. I have no doubt, you will find the information needed. However, the tips in this article may be useful!

(1) What importance do women attribute to the size of the penis? Francken AB, van de Wiel HB, van Driel MF, Weijmar Schultz WC. Eur Urol. 2002.
(2) Women’s Preferences for Penis Size: A New Research Method Using Selection among 3D Models. Nicole Prause. Jaymie Park, Shannon Leung, Geoffrey Miller. PLoS ONE. 2015.

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