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What to Drink to Last Longer in Bed

« What to drink to last longer in bed? »

When I was asked this question I’ve got to admit, it did surprise me. Frankly, I never thought about it. I can easily recommend foods to improve sexual performance but when it comes to drinks, my first thought was…well, water.

However, why not dig into the matter and find, if indeed, other drinks can have an impact on our sexual pleasures.

Well, as you might suspect, there is more than one drink to last longer in bed and you know what, let’s get into it!

What to Drink to Last Longer in Bed ?

Let’s go back to water. Water should be what you mainly drink during the day. However, it doesn’t have to be ole plain water. But it shouldn’t be non-stop syrup or juice either – OR soda.

As you may already know, fruits turned into juice are devoid of dietary fibre – and fibre is essential to avoid those nasty insulin spikes and, essential to reduce your chances to get type 2 diabetes. So, if you strip the fibre, you will still get a few vitamins but mainly, loads of…sugar!

Last but not least, if you enjoy some syrup in your water, you may want to stop this habit ASAP. Syrup is pure sugar and besides taste, it just adds up extra calories and even more sugar into your diet.

So, what’s the issue here?

Sugar isn’t the friend of your body, nor your sexual performance! Sugar by itself or in anything (baked goods, ice cream, soda, juice, your cuppa, etc.) should be a very occasional treat, not something you consume on a daily basis.

And if you’re not convinced, check out the science:

A study published in 2013 found that there is an abrupt decrease of testosterone levels after abusing glucose (aka sugar). In the study, 74 men of various ages were given an oral glucose tolerance test. Researchers found that both free and total levels of testosterone decreased significantly after the test. (1)

Nowadays, thanks to the work of dedicated researchers, we also know that sugar promotes obesity and obesity is also known to reduce testosterone levels.

If your testosterone levels are too low and/or if you are overweight, try some Forskolin to boost them right up and lose some fat!

And when T levels drop, so does libido, fertility and sexual performance.

Consequently, what you eat or drink CAN drastically change your sexual performance in bed. Therefore, it all starts by really reducing or if you are up for it, eliminating sugar from your diet.

Also, it’s interesting to note that the sugar industry has been fiercely lobbying for more than 70 years that sugar isn’t the problem, fat is. Well, we now know that it isn’t necessarily the case. While our brain does need glucose to function (found in healthy and nutrient dense carbs), we do not need added sugar in our diets. (2)

So, what should we drink then?

What to Drink to Last Longer in Bed – Coffee, Tea & Water

A study from the Texas Health Science Centre at Houston found that men who drink two to three cups of coffee daily were less likely to have erectile issues compared to non-coffee drinkers. (3)

The caffeine contained in the beverage makes the arteries in your penis relax. Thus, improving blood flow to your neither region and with it, your erections! And of course, caffeine is a natural stimulant and that will make you more enduring – thus, extending your sexual performance in bed.

So, unless you are naturally fidgety or anxious, coffee is your drink to last longer in bed.

In a similar fashion, tea can also improve sexual performance thanks to its amounts of caffeine – and that is especially true of green tea.

Additionally, some plants (infused or in a supplement) have been shown to be extremely beneficial when it comes to sexual function and performance.

Nettle root can improve sexual function and performance, and what’s best…it may already be in your backyard!

Among the most popular ones, you should try:
  • Ginseng: You can go with the Chinese variety or the American one. However, the American ginseng has been studied the most when it comes to sexual drive. This variety of ginseng boosts libido and sexual function.
  • Horny Goat Weed: Well, the name does give us a pretty blatant clue, doesn’t it? Horny goat weed has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It improves blood flow and the pressure around the penis area. Which is ideal for strong erections!
  • Ashwagandha: This plant increases nitric oxide levels, a gas that improves blood flow and thus, erections. This plant is also an adaptogen, meaning it helps with stress resistance and boosts immunity.
  • Maca: Maca is thought to balance sexual hormone levels. The regular consumption of this plant significantly increases libido, leads to more frequent sexual activity and improved sexual function.

What to Drink to Last Longer in Bed – Conclusion

Instead of “What to drink to last longer in bed” maybe I should have called this article…”What not to drink AND what to drink to last longer in bed”. Because at the end of the day, what you do drink or… don’t drink is equally as important, to make sure your physical and sexual performance is optimal.

So, I know I went on with sugar but honestly, when it comes to what you drink or eat, sugar has an enormous impact on your general and sexual health.

Consequently, if your sugar intake is too high, the best choice to improve your sexual function and overall health, is to curb your habit and ideally, stop it altogether. To help you, try adding healthy carbs to your diet (wholesome grains, legumes, etc.) and suppressing refined grains, industrial and fast foods, or you could try a low carb diet to help you resist cravings and eventually, see them disappear altogether.

But yes, at the end of the day, stick to water, loads of vegetables, fruit in moderation, enough protein, a bit of carbs (more when exercising or doing anything physical) and healthy fats – to that add some coffee, tea or herbal remedies and trust me, your sexual performance will be… outrageous!

This article was written by Michael King.

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(1) Abrupt decrease in serum testosterone levels after an oral glucose load in men: implications for screening for hypogonadism. Caronia LM, Dwyer AA, Hayden D, Amati F, Pitteloud N, Hayes FJ. Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2013.
(2) Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents. Cristin E. Kearns, Laura A. Schmidt, Stanton A. Glantz. JAMA Intern Med. 2016.
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