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How to Use Body Language to Increase Testosterone

Using body language to increase testosterone, is that even a possibility?

Let’s get started with a simple example.

A hormone is a molecule produced by the body, signalling a change in physiology or in behaviour. Moreover, hormonal changes are influenced by numerous cues: physical, social and environmental ones.

For instance, cortisol is a hormone produced during a stressful episode. Which means that the body increases cortisol levels to fight off a perceived threat. So, because you think there is a threat (or you are stressed), your body will produce an hormone as a result.

Similarly, people in a position of authority or power can have higher levels of testosterone. Because their body language “tricks” their bodies into producing more T.

And…as it happens, it’s a fact backed up by science.

Without further ado, let’s get into this very promising bit of science!

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How to Use Body Language to Increase Testosterone

The Science

A good posture can influence the way others perceive you and …your health. But that’s not all, we can also use body language to increase testosterone…immediately!

A study done on 24 participants, who had their baseline hormones checked, were asked to either do a low power pose (e.g. slouching) or a high power pose (e.g. standing with hands on hips) for a couple of minutes.

The participants who did a high power pose had 20% more testosterone and 25% less cortisol! Whereas the participants who did a low power pose had a 10% decrease of testosterone and a 15% increase of cortisol. (1)

The results speak for themselves!

So, if 2 minutes of power posing can produce such a striking effect, we can only deduce that maintaining an “alpha” body language will increase testosterone and reduce cortisol levels on the long run. Consequently, you better start now!

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Incidentally, one of the researchers involved in this study, Amy Cuddy, advises that “faking it until we make it” is a valid strategy because our physiology WILL change as a result. Thus, eventually, it WILL become a reality, both testosterone and confidence will  be increased!

The people in the study weren’t necessarily alphas by any definition. As a result, the mere fact of adopting a high power pose can have a very real impact on our physiology.

Moreover, another very simple “trick” can also boost your hormonal levels and confidence: smiling!

A study showed that facial expressions could easily increase or decrease pain tolerance. The participants were asked to put a pencil between their clenched teeth while smiling. As a result, the smiling increased their pain tolerance. However, the group who was manipulated into frowning and pursing their lips, had a lower pain threshold. (2)

Thus, smiling is another tool to add to your body language to increase testosterone arsenal!

Now, how can YOU use body language to increase testosterone?

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How to Use Body Language to Increase Testosterone

A Practical Guide

Here are several strategies that will help you implement this change in your life and more importantly, stick with it:

Start your day like a boss. If you can, put on some music that always puts you in a great mood (it could be “Eye of the tiger” or “September”… whatever rocks your world!). Also, start your day by being conscious to avoid slouching and get out of bed straight away. If you’re a “snoozer”, put your phone on the other side of the room.

Boost your T, your blood flow and your immune system by showering Scottish style…with a cold shower! However, if you can’t do cold straight away, start off with a hot shower and then, finish off with cold water.

◊ When you are out and about, think about someone you know that is confident and has an alpha body language. Mimic his body language every time you are on the go. For example, stand straight, walk in a determined fashion, don’t avoid eye contact, smile and try to act like you are the coolest guy ever! Remember, you have to fake it…until you make it!

In any social situation, try to keep your legs and arms open if you tend to close them up. Additionally, when talking, (slightly) mimicking your interlocutor can help boost confidence.

Last but not least, when you are by yourself or at home, don’t hesitate to assume positions you wouldn’t do outside and practice them until you are comfortable doing them.

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This article was written by Michael King.

(1) Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance. Dana R. Carney, Amy J.C. Cuddy and Andy J. Yap. Psychological Science OnlineFist. 2010.
(2) Mutual influences of pain and emotional face processing. Matthias J. Wieser, Antje B. M. Gerdes, Philipp Reicherts and Paul Pauli. Front. Psychol. 2014.

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