Bigger Testicles More Sperm

Do bigger testicles produce more sperm?

You bet they do. And the spread between big testicles and small ones is about a billion miles wide.

Take this for example…

A big healthy set of testicles can fire off a whopping 1.2 billion sperm per ejaculation. But an undersized set will be lucky to get off 50 million.

And guess what?

A man with a billion sperm capacity is going to wipe the floor with a 50 million guy.

He’ll breed more.

He’ll have more success with women… And he’ll have more drive to build and create things that make his life more satisfying.

As a matter of fact… He’ll have more success in just every arena except for things that don’t matter much to men.. Things that women are usually good at.

And why is this? Because your testicles have two primary jobs to do:

  1. Create sperm so you can go out and breed
  2. And manufacture testosterone

So when all systems are go your testes work hard making this testosterone….

And those millions of sperm cells they pump out every hour. So this isn’t some cozy desk job here.

This is back breaking manual labor. And you need a healthy set of testicles to get this work done.

That’s why I always say, shoot for that billion number.

Because once you get there, you’re going to find that drive to achieve I mentioned earlier…

Because this constant influx of testosterone creates some powerful urges in a man. Such as the urge to hunt down food.

Build stuff that provides security like weapons and shelter. Track down and do battle with enemies.

Find women to breed with.

Now here’s the thing about bigger testicles and more sperm…

A man will always be at his happiest when all these urges are going on at the same time.

Because when they are – he’s following his genetic destiny.  He’s doing the things he was designed to do by Mother Nature.

He’s acting like a true homo sapien male. And the tools he needs to get this important work done sit right there between his legs.

So here’s the big question…

How can us modern men take this information and use it to our advantage?

Use it to get bigger testicles, strong ejaculations? Without joining the Marines or taking up the sport of big game hunting?

That’s easy…

The urge to hunt can get scratched when you wake up and go after it at work.  Get the job done. Bring home the bacon.

Competition in sports scratches this itch just as effectively.

And the urge to breed? This one comes on automatically if the other two are working properly.


You’re in a relationship that has dried up sexually. If you’ve fallen into this pit – you’re going to shut down the other two urges in a flash.

Because if you don’t have an active-vibrant sex life, your testicles are only working part time.

So you’re a 50 million man.

Bigger Testicles More Sperm – Conclusion


There will always be a billion dollar guy waiting around the corner looking to knock you off your perch.

And if you’re down there at 50, he’s probably going to succeed.

And I can give you a billion reasons why.

Getting bigger testicles equates more sperm and healthier, powerful ejaculations.

What are you waiting for?


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