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Does a man’s penis shrink with age?

shrinking penis with age

Does a man’s penis shrink with age? You may have noticed that many things do change with the passing of the years. For instance, your hair slowly disappears, new wrinkles mark your victories and defeats, and you may lose a teeth or five! While changes occur on the outside, the inside isn’t standing still either. […]

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Which Nuts are Good to Increase Sperm Volume?

nuts for more sperm volume

Which nuts are good to increase sperm volume? That is indeed a good question – so, nuts could potentially benefit what’s inside yours?! You may have heard that male health is declining worldwide. Global testosterone levels are significantly decreasing and sperm quality (count and volume) is also diminishing. This isn’t great news. However, that doesn’t […]

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How to Boost Pheromones to Attract Females

It is possible to boost pheromones to attract females? The concept of human pheromones has been debated and researched for decades now. However, when it comes to animals, the relationship between pheromones and mating is as straightforward as it gets. Indeed, most animals will release pheromones towards a potential partner. And these lovely pheromones send […]

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Does Flirting Increase Testosterone Levels?

Does flirting increase testosterone levels? Well, it just might! Researchers have found that the mere presence of an attractive female can cause a temporary boost of testosterone levels – the sacred and main hormone of masculinity. So, that would mean that flirting with a woman you are into, could potentially raise your T levels and […]

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Does High Testosterone Make You More Attractive?

Does high testosterone make you more attractive? That’s a good question indeed. After all, testosterone is the main sexual male hormone and essential to our health. So, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine how T levels could impact physical attributes. For example, most typically attractive celebrities tend to have high testosterone levels. […]

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What to Eat to Improve the Taste of your Semen

Can food improve the taste of your semen? Sweet, salty, bitter, delicious or…disgusting. You may have heard one of those reactions from a woman who tasted your very own magical elixir. And frankly, disgusting isn’t the response one wants to hear after a delightful orgasm. So, that’s how women tend to describe the taste of […]

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Is Penile Girth Important?

Penile girth, is that a factor we should worry about when having sex? Especially, when it comes to women* and our own pleasure? On a personal note, I have understood that a lot of women do appreciate a “minimum” girth to have pleasurable sex and eventually, enjoy a good strong orgasm. However, preferences can vary […]

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My Sperm is Like Yellow Jelly: Why?

My sperm is like yellow jelly: why? This question or similar ones are not uncommon. In fact, I receive messages like this quite often. Which shows, how many men are experiencing this yellowish clumpy, jell-o like sperm. For instance, normal semen is usually white or slightly grey. Anything different may worry you about the state […]

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Men: How to Lose Weight from Your Butt

If you are looking to lose weight from your butt, know this: while you can’t exactly target your butt for fat loss, you can kick-start the process with clever dieting and special workouts. Got you curious? Good. So why can’t you specifically target your butt? That’s not how our bodies work. Every single one of […]

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Why do I have a Weak Ejaculation?

Why do I have a Weak Ejaculation

Weak ejaculation and low semen volume have many causes. Ejaculation is the result of several processes that all happen at once. Therefore, each process can be impacted, whether it’s by your diet, your hormone levels, your general health or other more obscure factors. If you have a low semen volume or poor ejaculations, you will […]

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