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Does High Testosterone Make You More Attractive?

Does high testosterone make you more attractive? That’s a good question indeed.

After all, testosterone is the main sexual male hormone and essential to our health. So, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine how T levels could impact physical attributes.

For example, most typically attractive celebrities tend to have high testosterone levels. Hence, they tend to have deep voices, broad shoulders, more muscle mass and tend to behave in a very virile fashion.

However, there’s no quick fix. If you want to be more attractive, steroids aren’t the way to go (not to mention they can be incredibly dangerous).

To get high testosterone levels on the long run and really improve your looks, the natural and healthy way is…the way to go. Period.

At the end of the day, a healthy body is attractive too.

So, let’s have a look on how does high testosterone make you more attractive…

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How Does High Testosterone Make You More Attractive?

Manly Behaviour

Most of us tend to associate high levels of T with aggressive behaviour. However, a study from the University of Bonn shows that the hormone may be crucial for social behaviour and earnest interactions.

In this study, the researchers gave to half the participants testosterone gel and the other half a placebo. The following day, all participants were invited to roll a dice in private, report the numbers and receive money based on the results (high rollers get more money). After the payout, the researchers found that the men who used testosterone gel had reported their numbers significantly more honestly than the placebo group. (1)

How come?

Higher levels of testosterone increase pride and self-esteem – as such, cheating would negate that. For a few more dollars, the participants who received testosterone weren’t willing to jeopardise themselves.

Additionally, higher levels of testosterone are associated with higher risk taking. Consequently, men who have higher T tend to be more adventurous (at work, with love, etc…). Okay, this is a double edged sword. However, to obtain satisfying results in life, risk taking is a must.

This isn’t all of it but you get the gist of it. Testosterone makes you more honest and more willing to take bigger risks. After that, it’s up to you to figure out how far you are willing to go!

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Physical Attributes, Sex & Health

Testosterone is the hormone that kick-starts male puberty. Until the early thirties, the hormone is at its peak. However, past that age, levels dwindle consistently but with a healthy lifestyle, this isn’t necessarily a fatality.

Health wise, T is multi-function player: T plays a role in controlling motivation, especially sexual motivation – aka libido. Also, testosterone levels are crucial to maintain a healthy fertility and a good sexual stamina. Moreover, T is essential to improve endurance and strength, obtain an athletic physique and keep fat levels low.

When it comes to it, higher T levels help develop manly features: thick and abundant facial hair, chiselled facial features, square jawline, broad shoulders, defined muscles, etc. In other words, the physical qualities that we appreciate in our peers.

So, when it comes to testosterone, it acts directly and indirectly on our physical appearance. Thus, having healthy T levels is a must, not only for our immediate physical gratification, but also for our health…and consequently, that’s another added bonus for our appearance. Since, we all know that healthier people just look better.

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Conclusion – Does High Testosterone Make You More Attractive?

Does high testosterone make you more attractive? Clearly, the answer is yes, for all the aforementioned reasons.

And of course, all of it has an effect on women. Isn’t that why you are here?

So, what is it that attracts most women?
  • An inner sense of certainty
  • Quiet confidence
  • Non-aggressive assertiveness (or just a tiny bit of aggressiveness!)
  • Dominance
  • A pleasant smell (testosterone can influence your “manly” smell positively) (2)
  • Skin glow (enhanced with higher T levels and a good hygiene)
  • A healthy and masculine physical appearance
  • A deeper voice
  • High libido, good sexual performance and endurance
  • Bonus: Excellent hygiene and grooming, fitted clothing

Last but not least, it isn’t all about testosterone. An attractive man is also a man that has is shit together, can protect his beloved and provide for her. Even if you share expenses, if you can be a fortress (emotionally and physically), you already won half the battle. Now, the rest is up to you and a little…luck! 😉

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This article was written by Michael King.

(1) Testosterone Administration Reduces Lying in Men. Matthias Wibral, Thomas Dohmen, Dietrich Klingmüller, Bernd Weber, Armin Falk, Frank Krueger. PLoS One. 2012.
(2) Women’s preference for dominant male odour: effects of menstrual cycle and relationship status. Jan Havlicek, S. Craig Roberts and Jaroslav Flegr. Biol. Lett. 2005.

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