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How to Boost Pheromones to Attract Females

It is possible to boost pheromones to attract females?

The concept of human pheromones has been debated and researched for decades now. However, when it comes to animals, the relationship between pheromones and mating is as straightforward as it gets.

Indeed, most animals will release pheromones towards a potential partner. And these lovely pheromones send a chemical message that triggers a response of sexual attraction or/and stimulate ovulation in the intended partner…

Then, usually, this scenario ends in intercourse and thus, the cycle of life continues!

On the other hand, human pheromones seem to be far more complex. Since, it seems that they are very individual and not necessarily noticeable.

So, how can one possibly boost pheromones to attract females?

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How to Boost Pheromones to Attract Females – The Science

The discovery of Dr. Cuttler and her fellow researchers

Once upon a time, in 1986, Dr. Winifred Cutler, a behavioural endocrinologist and biologist, and her team of researchers made a great discovery under our armpits. This team of researchers found that once the sweat was removed, what remained was odourless matter, what we know as pheromones. Not unlike our other mammal relatives.

A few years later, the same team found that pheromones increased socio-sexual behaviours (affection, intercourse, dates, masturbation, etc.) in men when they were around a female partner. (1)

Incidentally, this research also found that women responded to male pheromones when it comes to their menstrual cycle. And to this day, it’s still theorized that human pheromones do indeed attract or sexually arouse potential partners. But most of it is still up for debate!

Nevertheless, a few studies give us interesting clues when it comes to the chemical mystery that are pheromones…


Other advances on the science of pheromones

One of these studies demonstrated that females showed an increase of positive moods and a reduction of negative moods when exposed to male pheromones. Additionally, the female participants also felt more focused after the exposition. (2)

Besides Dr. Cutler studies and the few others that do exist, our knowledge on why human pheromones simply exist or are processed isn’t exactly thorough. Consequently, there is still much more to study when it comes to human pheromones.

But we do suspect one thing…human pheromones may be what we call axillary steroids – which are chemicals that are produced by the testes, the ovaries, the apocrine and adrenal glands.

Enough science for today. Now, let’s get into how to actually boost pheromones to attract females!

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How to Boost Pheromones to Attract Females – A Guide

Wear cologne or perfume with added pheromones

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some perfumes contain pheromones. However, it’s unclear if they do accomplish anything for us – since the pheromones taken are usually from animals.

Regardless, you may want to try but if you do, splurge on the cheaper ones!


Ditch your usual deodorant

You should leave your armpits au naturel (leave them natural). Why?

This may sound counter-intuitive to attract women but pheromones are found under your armpits. Thus, the less you mess with those, the more likely the pheromones will be intact.

Moreover, you may also want to ditch your usual deodorant and opt for a completely natural version (some deodorants made with soda bicarbonate are quite efficient).

Let your natural manly smell work its magic!


Change your showering (or bath) routine

While on the subject of natural smell. Changing cleaning products may also help.

There’s two options here:

  • The hardcore one: Skip soaps (shampoo, gel, etc.) altogether and just wash yourself with hot water but do scrub yourself gently.
  • The more (very) manageable one: Instead you could use a natural soap that preserves the skin and isn’t too strong like Marseille or Aleppo soap.


Improve your sleeping habits

In average, we need 8 hours of sleep daily for our bodies to “reset” and function optimally. However, some individuals may need slightly less or more.

Regardless, sleep deprivation is terrible for your hormonal and overall health – which means it probably doesn’t do any good for your pheromones.

So, do try to set a regular bedtime, avoid caffeine after 3pm and sleep in a dark, cool room.


Lift weights regularly

It is known that weight lifting works wonders to boost testosterone levels and this may also have a positive impact on pheromones too.

So, try lifting at least two to three times a week. Preferably, target large muscle groups and lift heavy with less repetitions, for best results.


Eat the following foods

Some foods containing androstenone and androstenol – two chemicals known as a…axillary steroids which I mentioned earlier – could potentially boost pheromones. However, there’s no science to back this up.

So, I guess you can always add more celery, parsnips and if you can afford it, truffles to your diet, and let us know if it works!

Good luck and don’t forget…confidence goes a long way when it comes to attracting females!

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This article was written by Michael King.

(1) Pheromonal influences on sociosexual behavior in men. Cutler WB, Friedmann E, McCoy NL. Arch Sex Behav. 1998.

(2) Pheromones and their effect on women’s mood and sexuality. J. Verhaeghe, R. Gheysen and P. Enzlin. Facts Views Vis Obgyn. 2013.

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