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What to Eat to Improve the Taste of your Semen

Can food improve the taste of your semen?

Sweet, salty, bitter, delicious or…disgusting. You may have heard one of those reactions from a woman who tasted your very own magical elixir. And frankly, disgusting isn’t the response one wants to hear after a delightful orgasm.

So, that’s how women tend to describe the taste of cum. Nonetheless, your semen will taste different from let’s say, your best mate.

What’s that about? And how should semen taste naturally and can food improve the taste of your semen?

Well, semen should, in theory, be warm and slightly salty. However, it can vary from tasteless to slightly sweet or bitter.

And that’s because your cum is full of various nutrients, like fructose, protein, vitamins, sodium and more.

Over the years, many men have experimented and realized that what they put in their bodies, does impact the taste of their semen.

Thus, let’s look at delicious foods that can improve the taste of your semen, your divine juice, your succulent ambrosia!

What Can you Eat to Improve the Taste of your Semen


Yes, water isn’t food but still, your semen is mainly made out of…water. Consequently, it’s not surprising that hydration is very important to make your cum taste good or at the very least, less flavourful.

You should drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. If you exercise or it’s particularly hot, increase your intake accordingly.

After all, water is essential for your organs to function well. Unsurprisingly, it’s also your best friend for a yummy semen!

However, booze and caffeine can make your cum taste bitter and yucky. Try avoiding or reducing those for best results.

Drinking the right liquid can also make you last longer in bed. Discover it ASAP!


A juicy, sweet and tangy cocktail…what could possibly go wrong with pineapple?

Indeed, pineapple seems to be the go-to fruit to make your semen taste sweeter.

Let’s science a bit! Semen is naturally alkaline and pineapple is acidic. Thus, the combination can result in a sweeter, more balanced taste.

Consequently, most acidic fruits are a good addition to your diet. Make sure to get plenty of citruses, kiwi, blueberries, plums and cranberries!


Celery isn’t just essential to prepare a mirepoix (the holy trinity of cooking, also known as: onion, celery and carrot). This vegetable is also known for its stimulating properties, it’s vitamin C and heavy water content.

Eating celery regularly can help increase the volume of semen and should help make your cum taste more watery and overall, nicer.

If you aren’t a fan, add a little celery cut very small in your soups, sauces or tomato based dishes. You won’t even notice it.


Chicken, turkey, duck and other birdies are the way to go, protein wise, for nice tasting cum. Apparently, red meat and fish isn’t a pleasant addition and ends up giving your juices a buttery texture and unsavoury taste.

Moreover, eating poultry is linked to better overall health. As a general rule, red meats should be eaten very occasionally and big fishes too (heavily contaminated with metals). (1)

The moral being: eat your steak when you know you won’t be getting any action!


On par with pineapple, cinnamon seems to be ideal to make your cum taste really nice!

A regular consumption of the spice seems to get rid of unwanted bad tastes. This alkaline food will make your semen taste sweeter and your mouth feel fresher.

Additionally, peppers and peppermint have similar properties. So, consider adding those as well in your diet.

Your sperm looks like yellow jelly? Here’s why.

What you Shouldn’t Eat to Improve the Taste of your Semen

Of course, eating the foods mentioned above isn’t necessarily enough to make your semen taste unbelievably good. A good diet and an active lifestyle are also ideal for a divine taste. So, make sure to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, poultry and healthy fats.

As for the stuff you should avoid or consume with moderation…

Here’s a non-exhaustive but pretty good list:
  • Garlic and Onions
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Asparagus
  • Red Meat
  • Dairy (and particularly smelly cheeses, unless your girlfriend likes the funk!)
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol (especially hard liquor)
  • Tobacco

Extra Advice to Improve the Taste of your Semen

Hygiene is essential when it comes to the taste of your semen and of course, penis. If your hygiene isn’t on point, it’s not going to be nice down here, regardless of your diet.

As such, make sure to properly clean your penis (thoroughly) and the area around your penis and testicles.

Moreover, consider investing in a gentle nourishing soap and apply body powders or creams to prevent odour and to soak up excess sweat. Also, you can trim your pubic hair regularly or remove all the hair, to keep it tidy.

Thus, to make sure your semen is the loveliest nectar: eat well and add our special foods to your diet, exercise regularly, drink moderately, think about ditching the ciggies (or consider vaping), clean your junk amazingly well and…enjoy positively mind blowing blow jobs!

Discover why you have a weak ejaculation and what can be done about it!

This article was written by Michael King.

(1) Substitution of red meat with poultry or fish and risk of type 2 diabetes: a Danish cohort study. Ibsen DB, Warberg CK, Würtz AML, Overvad K, Dahm CC2. Eur J Nutr. 2018.

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