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Define Testosterone – What Is Testosterone?

what is testosterone Hi Mark,

Can you define testosterone?



Hello Rice,

Medically speaking, testosterone is a steroid hormone that fuels your male secondary sexual characteristics.

In short, it’s the hormone that separates the boys from the girls, because women need very little to thrive, while men need a lot.

One of its primary jobs is to give you an advantage over other males, so you can deal with confrontation aggressively and effectively.

But it also plays a big role in courtship and reproduction.

For example, a male lions big mane and a peacocks massive tail feathers are examples of secondary sex characteristics at work.

So is your adams apple, your deep voice and the beard on your face.

And these characteristics are what get girl peacocks, female lions and human women all worked into a frenzy…..

And when they’re displayed in the right way, at the right time, sex is had, babies are made, and the reproductive cycle of life operates as it should.

Problem is, many men today are no longer directed physically or emotionally by testosterone, because there’s a glitch in the system…

Other hormones, associated with female sexual characteristics or stress have taken over, placing testosterone in the back seat.

And when stress or female hormones start riding shotgun in a mans system, the normal cycle of aggression and sexuality blow away like a feather in the wind.

A man will feel the loss of aggression when he loses his desire to eat up life, earn money, make things happen.

The loss of sexuality will be felt by declining libido, shrinking testicles, and moody behavior around his mate…

And this irritable new man will run into problems with his woman, because there’s only room for one estrogen dominant person in every household.

And this problem will be magnified if that woman is not being taken care of sexually, which is sure to happen if testosterone is no longer the primary steroidal hormone in your system.

So this is a no win situation for the man and for the woman.

To demonstrate, let’s define testosterone from the male lion’s perspective…

Let’s take our heavyweight stud and feed him an excess of low quality food and we’ll add to this by forcing him to stop exercising.

Then lets expose him to massive amounts of estrogenic chemicals so he grows breasts, gains more weight and starts losing muscle.

And we’ll throw some erectile dysfunction into the mix, so when one of his females comes into heat, he won’t even be able to breed.

Think this lion is going to hang onto his pride very long?


And when he eventually gets his butt kicked down to the bottom of the heap, do you think he’s going to be happy?

Or do you think he’ll be looking back at the old days when he was testosterone dominant, wondering what the hell went wrong in his life?

I think we both know the answer to this question.

I suggest you take all this information and use it to define testosterone in your own mind, Rice.

Because the mighty T is much more than a number on a lab report, it’s the stuff that you need to remain relevant, sexually, mentally and physically.

Learn More Here.

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