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Small Testicles After Vasectomy? Here’s Why…

Have you heard the rumor that men develop small testicles after vasectomy?

It’s not just a rumor.

Small testicles and shrunken penis after excision are a very real problem for many men, and so are many other serious complications.

If you want a great sex life, why have surgery to prevent your sex organ from doing its job?

There are other ways to prevent pregnancy, and it’s never a good idea to tamper with something that’s working as it should.

Sure, the medical establishment claims that vasectomy is a very safe procedure, but that isn’t the case for all men.

Small testicles are just one excision side effect that you can experience after having the snip.

Vasectomy can lead to lower testosterone — which directly leads to small testicles — and it can also lead to pain, the production of anti-sperm antibodies and more.

How much convincing will you need to avoid having this dangerous procedure?

Vasectomy Lowers Testosterone In Some Men

Let’s be clear: vasectomy works pretty well to prevent unwanted pregnancy — although the procedure isn’t 100 percent effective.

But is it a good idea for male sexual health?

That’s what researchers conducting a 2013 study, published in African Health Sciences, were trying to determine.

They introduce their research like this.

Vasectomy which is the surgical ligation of the vas deferens has been in use as a popular method of contraception for men.

However, despite the controversies surrounding the applicability of vasectomy as a male contraceptive method, it has continued to attract continued interest from researchers and urologists.

The contraceptive effectiveness of this technique has been established by investigators but they continue to generate sharp divisions as to the potential deleterious consequences thereafter.

Low-T and Small Testicles After Vasectomy

In this study involving rats, only one testicle was disabled with vasectomy.

But sperm production went down in both testicles over the long term.

So what?

Low testosterone — the male hormone — can significantly reduce sex drive, cause testicles to shrink and even lead to the development of female sexual characteristics, like breast tissue.

When breasts develop on a man the condition is called gynecomastia, and you can imagine what a turnoff this would be to any lady considering a relationship with you.

And these symptoms may not appear until years after the procedure.

The complications from vasectomy are short-term and long-term issues.

While some problems like pain, nerve damage and your body having difficulty controlling the temperature of your testes can start immediately, other take longer to develop.

It turns out that small testicles after vasectomy may be the least of your problems.

You could be setting yourself up for a lifetime of worsening sexual health issues.

Vasectomy Can Cause Testicular Pain

Among the worst complications of vasectomy is the potential for pain.

Men with post-vasectomy pain syndrome — that’s a real condition — often experience lowered sex drive and have sex less frequently.

Wouldn’t you avoid an activity that hurts? Having less sex, in turn, can reduce semen production, leading to testicular atrophy.

And this isn’t pseudo-science suggesting some pain might possibly be linked to this surgical procedure.

The following symptoms are known to be potential complications of vasectomy:

Persistent pain in the genital area Groin pain after working out Pain while becoming erect Pain while having sex Discomfort at ejaculation Inability to get an erection at all And more.

In multiple studies, researchers have found that reversing a vasectomy reversed the pain, drawing a direct link between the pain and the procedure.

In the Journal of Urology, one study looked at 13 men who had vasectomy reversal specifically to get rid of pain.

Nine of the 13 men got rid of their vasectomy pain entirely.

Another study in the same journal where 32 men with vasectomy pain, find out that overall 27 men got rid of their pain only having their vasectomies undone.

The men in these studies could have saved themselves a lot of trouble by not having the snip in the first place.

Vasectomy Patients Often Produce Anti-sperm Antibodies

Perhaps the scariest possible complication from having the sperm supply to your penis cut off is an inflammatory autoimmune reaction.

While small testicles after vasectomy are a serious concern, this possible complication is much worse.

You see, getting the snip doesn’t stop sperm production. It causes sperm to back up in the vas deferens, and your strong and healthy immune system can kick in to take away the backed-up sperm.

In other words, you body can see your own sperm as a foreign invader — a threat — and attack it. This can lead to pain, pressure and eventual testicular damage.

Really? Our bodies have antibodies against lots of things, right?

Most of us took a vaccine against whooping cough and mumps, and the antibodies created by these vaccines have no harmful effects on us.

The abstract of a study published in the journal Reproduction, Fertility and Development starts off with this sentence that tells the whole story of just how damaging this problem can be:

“The presence of sperm antibodies correlates with nearly every pathological condition of the male reproductive tract.”


And just a year after a vasectomy, most men already have anti-sperm antibodies. That’s just plain scary.

Small Testicles After Vasectomy Conclusion:

But we’re talking about small testicles after vasectomy, right?

As it turns out, small testicles that result from having the snip are just the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to reduced testosterone production — which leads to small testicles — vasectomies can cause serious pain and a scary immune system response.

But even that’s not all. We can observe or report the following additional complications:

  • Low sex drive from a lack of overall energy
  • Depression
  • Pressure in the testicles
  • Nerve damage from fibrous tissue entrapment
  • Ruptures or blowouts through the skin during ejaculation
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Scrotal and epididymal cysts

What else?

Some link prostate and testicular cancer to vasectomy. And even lymph node enlargement and adrenal gland dysfunction have a relation with vasectomy.

So with the possibility of small testicles after vasectomy plus all these related problems, why risk it?

Other effective forms of birth control are available that don’t involve altering the delicate balance of your reproductive system. Still considering a vasectomy?

Don’t. Just don’t.


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