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Prolactin Secret – How To Ejaculate More Than Once

From the mailbag…

Hi Mark,

I can’t ejaculate more than once anymore.

I used to be able to orgasm, then after twenty minutes or so, do it again if the conditions were right, but now it takes much longer.

Is this a hormonal thing or what?



Hello D,

That waiting period between one climax and another is called your refractory period.

And if your period has increased, there have definitely been some hormonal changes in your system.

Low testosterone is the most obvious culprit, as this is the hormone that fuels sex drive in men.

But studies have demonstrated that prolactin and oxytocin play a big part in this as well because both of these hormones increase dramatically after you ejaculate.

And once they come into the picture, your sex drive is going to go down, because this is what these hormones do to a man, especially prolactin.

They’re also responsible for the fatigue you feel after you have an orgasm. So when you feel like rolling over and going to sleep after taking care of business, these are the guys to blame.

Now, this situation is no big deal in a younger man who’s loaded with testosterone.  He can ejaculate, roll over for a while, then easily go at it again.

And why are these younger guys so lucky?

Because the reduction in T every man experiences after a climax is quickly recovered because his testicles are functioning at a very high level…

So his testosterone levels recover in double time after an ejaculation, which causes prolactin and oxytocin levels to go right back down again.

But when exposing older guy, who has low testosterone to begin with,  to these hormones they stick around for a while; because his body is not reloading testosterone at the same rate as the younger guy.

This is the most likely explanation of your increased refractory period, D.

For example…

In one study done at Rutger’s University, they had a subject who was able to climax 6 times in a period of 36 minutes.

This man actually had no refractory period at all.

Testing confirmed that this individual had close to a zero prolactin response after climaxing; and because of this he suffered from no fatigue or tiredness after he ejaculated.

The lack of prolactin also reduced the drop in testosterone that normally occurs in men with a normal prolactin response.

The International Journal of Impotence Research reported on another multi-orgasmic man; who also showed no prolactin response after three back to back orgasms.

I haven’t seen any studies that confirm this; but I have a feeling that most younger men produce less prolactin than older guys do after a climax…

Your average 18 year old can reload and go again anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes; while a 75 year old man may have to wait 24 hours or more.

And I’m certain this is a combination of higher baseline testosterone levels in the younger men, combined with a lower prolactin response.

And there’s one more piece to this puzzle, because prolactin also pushes dopamine levels down, the risk, reward neurotransmitter that’s also plays a big part in sexual motivation and drive.

How To Ejaculate More Than Once – In 3 Steps

So in answer to your question, to reduce your refractory period, the first thing you need to do is bump your testosterone levels up a notch or two.

In addition to this, you need to focus on reducing your prolactin and oxytocin response when your goal is to ejaculate more than once during a sexual encounter.

You can accomplish this by reducing post orgasm cuddle time; because this behavior will spike both of these hormones in your body.

As a matter of fact, oxytocin is often referred to as the pair bonding hormone; so the more you bond after sex, the more oxytocin you’re going to get.

And finally, you can spike testosterone and reduce the bonding hormones even further by being dominant and aggressive during the sex act..

Because dominant and aggressive behavior is the exact opposite of behavior associated with pair bonding; and your body will respond to this accordingly.

The explains why it’s always a good idea to jump out of bed quickly after having sex in the morning; because if you pair bond after you climax, it will be a very exhausting day for you.

But at night, you can play this one of two ways….

You can go hard and aggressive, and limit cuddle time after your first climax if you want to shorten your refractory period and go at it again.

Then, once you’ve climaxed a second time, you can give your girl the pair bonding, cuddle time all women need.

Or, if climaxing twice, ejaculate, pair bond, isn’t interesting; then roll over for what’s probably going to be a very good nights sleep.

Thanks for your question.



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