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Small Testicles No Ejaculation

What is the explanation behind so many men having small testicles and no ejaculation? Is this a worrying trend? Let’s see..

Sperm counts have been dropping so fast over the last 3 decades, it has the scientific community alarmed. So they’ve been investigating why this downward trend has been happening – and they’ve come up with several smoking guns… Including EMF radiation, heavy metal exposure, airborne pollutants and low quality diets lacking in essential nutrients.

And now, a group of scientists out of the University of Southern Denmark have added one more item to this list…

Poor Sleep Patterns

I’ve discussed this topic many times, but this body of work deserves special attention because it’s primary focus was on sleeps impact on testicle size, semen quality and ejaculation volume.

In this study, scientists worked with almost 1000 men in their late teens and 20’s, who gave sperm samples then had their testicles measured with an orchidometer; a medical device used to gauge testicle size and volume. They then had the men answer a very detailed Karolinska Sleep Questionnaire, which included the following questions:

  • What time do you go to bed at night?
  • How often do you sleep badly or restlessly?
  • Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night?
  • How often do you wake up too early in the morning without being able to go back to sleep?

And the results? Men who frequently went to bed late, had a tough time falling asleep, or who woke up often in the middle of the night or too early in the morning… Had 29% lower sperm counts and significantly smaller testicles than men who had more stable, normal and consistent sleep patterns.

The researches hypothesized that these poor sleep patterns likely lead to decreased production of testosterone at night; leading to less sperm production and smaller sized testes over time. And in some cases no ejaculation. It should also be noted that the men with poor sleep patterns were also more likely to be overweight; and have unhealthier lifestyle habits compared to those not affected.

And the cutoff, where ejaculation volume and testicle size took the biggest hit was 6 hours of sleep per night, as those who fell below that number were impacted the most.

Small Testicles No Ejaculation – More Causes

While sleep is obviously a huge smoking gun here, it’s clearly not the only thing that can cause small testicles and low ejaculation volume… Because this study also found that men who place a low priority on sleep also slack off on other things, including body weight, alcohol consumption and tobacco use.

So if you want to get your sperm volume and your testicle size up, you need to address all of these issues, not just the sleep. Keeping your cellphone away from your groin area; eating real, whole foods high essential nutrients and avoiding excess chemical exposure are important steps you should take as well. And last but not least; you need to get a minimum of 7 hours of high quality, deep sleep each and every night.


I’ve written a detailed article on sleep enhancement, which you can find Here that includes several strategies you can use to improve your sleep patterns. And if sleep isn’t your only issue, and you consume a low quality diet; I also suggest you take in the information on this page. And finally, if you haven’t taken steps to minimize exposure to phthalates, which are outright testicle toxins, you should definitely read this.


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