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Health Benefits of Yoga for Men

Could you reap the health benefits of yoga as a man?

In the western world, yoga is usually viewed as a practice destined for women – in order to sculpt and tone muscles.

However, yoga does much more AND it wasn’t designed for one gender.

Additionally, you shouldn’t think that yoga is specifically for flexible people either.

At the end of the day, it’s pretty much like lifting weights, you have got start somewhere.

So when it comes to it, what are the health benefits of yoga for men?

Is this physical practice useful to boost our manhood?

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Health Benefits of Yoga for Men

Yoga comes from India. In the Hindu tradition, yoga means “union”: the union of the mind and the body.

This millenary practice incorporates different things together: strength poses, stretches, breathing and meditation techniques.

Yoga is a must for many males athletes.

For instance, the basketball star LeBron James is an avid yogi that enjoys this practice before a game.

So, what can yoga do for YOU?


Improves your Overall Physical Capacity

As you can see in the picture, yoga is great to improve physical strength but yoga can do much more than that.

By practising regularly, yoga will improve your stamina (ideal for sexy times), your balance and your flexibility.

Factors that are also incredibly useful for other sports.

Long term, you will be able to do more strenuous weight lifting or callisthenics, which will result in increased muscle mass!

Moreover, yoga improves breathing and that will enlarge your lungs, which will in return increase their efficiency.


Boosts the Immune System

Yoga isn’t only beneficial for your physical aptitudes. This type of exercise also does wonders for your immune system – the one that defends you from outside threats (aka disease, infections and other illnesses). (1)

Basically, the poses that involve muscular flexing and contracting boost the production of our defenders: our white blood cells.

In other words, the leaders of our immune system, which are transferred throughout the body by the lymphatic system.

Most of it, is the result of placing our heads below our hearts, these positions are brilliant to allow white blood cells into the respiratory system. A place laden with germs and other toxic compounds.

Once you go back to an upright position, gravity does its magic by draining the lymph and flushing out everything potentially dangerous out.

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Helps you Stay Lean

Well, yoga helps you burn calories. So, that obviously will help you stay lean.

Nonetheless, there’s a less obvious benefit that this practice can bring you: it reduces food cravings.

Yoga is ideal to make you focus on the smaller things and well, keeping you busy.

So, if you are fancying something naughty, do some yoga instead. It doesn’t require much energy, it makes you feel great and it keeps you busy!

Moreover, yoga is a great stress reliever and stress is known to increase food cravings.

As such, yoga can relieve emotional and boredom eating.


Reduces Stress Levels and May Boost Testosterone

Let’s dig deeper on the matter of stress and what yoga can do about it.

Yoga – or the union of the mind and body – is focused on syncing breathing with movements.

By doing so, this practice helps you to be more in tune with your own body and ultimately, whatever it is you are feeling.

As men, we usually aren’t told to pay much attention to our emotions. However, that’s a big issue when it comes to stress, as we can easily discard it.

With yoga, you will be more calm and collected, which will allow you to think (and feel) things through.

The combination of breathing, meditation and physical poses will help you feel more relaxed, focused and will help you sort out things more efficiently.

Moreover, high stress levels are an absolute disaster health wise. Chronic stress can lead to heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and lower levels of testosterone. (2)


Conclusion: Health Benefits of Yoga for Men

Yoga can do a lot for you.


Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the health benefits of yoga:

  • Reduces stress levels and helps with stress management

  • Improves stamina

  • Boosts muscle mass

  • Improves T levels

  • Boosts libido (aka sexual drive)

  • Helps staying in shape

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Reduces the risk of illness and erectile dysfunction


I hope that with this new view of yoga, you will be able to fully enjoy the health benefits of yoga for men.

In just a few weeks, you will be able to notice positive changes.

Your stamina will increase, you will be less stressed and more focused, your libido will be higher and you will definitely be stronger.

Most men that have engaged with yoga can attest of the benefits and they usually NEVER stop.

After all, yoga is accessible, cheap and easy. No matter where you start.


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This article “Health Benefits of Yoga for Men” was written by Michael King.

(1) Yoga and immune system functioning: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials.

Falkenberg RI, Eising C, Peters ML. J Behav Med. 2018

(2) The Effect of Yoga on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in Women. Masoumeh Shohani, Gholamreza Badfar, Marzieh Parizad Nasirkandy, Sattar Kaikhavani, Shoboo Rahmati, Yaghoob Modmeli, Ali Soleymani and Milad Azami. Int J Prev Med. 2018

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